Thursday’s Big List of Domains At Auction, Dropping, or For Sale Around the Net 2-23-12

Feb 23 2012

Good Morning.  Not sure if any of you have any domains at the Great Domains auction that ends today.  I tried my best to find domains to put on my list but it’s pretty hard to go through a list when the ajax code is jacked up.  Don’t know if anyone had trouble with auctions besides me but fortunately the people that had sponsored listings with me had already sent me links or I couldn’t have gotten them.  Hopefully for any fellow domain owners that have domains in the auction, Sedo will get it fixed and maybe it is by the time this post goes up.  Some great domains in the auction and it would be a pity to not get a full look at them.  Here are my other picks for the day.  A shorter list but not a ton of strength today.  Sounds like a tech company from the 80’s   Nobody uses the word automobile anymore but it still works for some.  Good brand and the domain is 12 years old.  No bidders  Lots of uses for this one.  I immediately think of a bad car accident, but I tend to think of car accidents often. Probably reflections from my past when my busty red haired nanny drove me in her 1976 beetle and loss control, rolling the car in the ditch.  But it’s been almost a year since it happened so I’m almost over it.  I think it means “fighting chicken” in Spanish or something like that Love the name.  It’s also the name of the 6′ 10″ guy in High School that was on the basketball team but had the hands of stone and could barely walk.  “You can’t teach 6’10”  ” is what my coach would say and boy was that true.  Love the name.  Words we all know, and fun.*   Everybody buys it.  Your wife gets mad if you buy it because you’re trying to get her fat and gets mad if you don’t buy it for her because you think she’s fat.  With hitting a grand, this one is a similar type name.  We all need a ton of things restored.  Even your reputation has become big business.  These three number dot orgs have value.  Not as much as four number dot coms because the Chinese tend to not buy dot orgs so you are taking away a big part of the market

*promoted names

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