Here’s a Perfect Example of Why LLLL.coms Are Selling

Feb 24 2013

Ron Wells sent me this photo today with the words “perfect example”.  And it is.  It’s a perfect example of how LLLL.coms are being used every day.  Nobody wants to type out Grand Prix of Long Beach or Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.  Instead they just went with  Realistically most people are going to type the above into Google but once they see the domain they will most likely remember it.  Another small reason why is a good choice?  It has a small footprint and fits easily on a banner.

Who else likes LLLL.coms?  Trucking companies.  It’s no coincidence that these three are all trucking companies

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  1. Ron Wells

    I was just walking down the street and your previous post came to mind when I saw that banner!

    Speaking of trucking companies…another large delivery service with an odd website on all of its trucks come to mind:

  2. Mike

    I think we can all agree that a name like has value. It has 4 premium letters. And the example you gave yesterday, is a good domain. It too has value. But are you saying that ALL 400,000 or so have value because they are short? What about names being peddled on the forums like ZQVX for $15 or less (no offense to the owner of ZQVX). Is that domain valuable? Should we domainers buy such names when there is no apparent end user for it? Please clarify.

    1. Post author

      I am saying that 90% of all are worth at least $10. Yes there are thousands that have awful combinations that can’t truly ever be used as an acronym. But remember there are many other languages that English and letters that we don’t use often are actually quite favorable. In short, not all have tremendous value but as a whole it is a great category to buy and sell.

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