Here’s My Gift To You, No Not an iPad, It’s a List of Nice Domains Dropping

Apr 03 2010

Sorry about being a little late on the post.  I had a 20 mile run this morning and the pouring rain made me a little late. Some of these Godaddy names drop in the next hour so jump on it.   I’ll cut to the chase and get to the names If you’ve ever been to Chicago or DC you’ll see signs for Segway Tours everywhere.  $3500 valuate but probably worth more Easy affiliate site ready to be made A great archive type site.  Gets 982 hits a month by itself Another brandable name but very easy to spell and remember. Will go for under $100 and has a nice CPC rate and 1000 searches.  Valuation of $1100 You would think that people would type in bikeshoes but it’s surprising how many people list it under cycling footwear.  As a cyclist I know how many people buy these things.  Great name Don’t want to use a trademarked name.  Here’s your chance to have a news site using the generic term

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