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“Hey Dad You’re Getting the Most Votes”

I left my computer on this evening during dinner and my daughter got on afterwards to go to ClubPenguin, her favorite site.  She saw the open screen and so nicely pointed out that I was close to getting the most votes in the domain game thing. There was one problem.  It was the blocked feed category in the “choose your own feed” section. I don’t really worry the blocks but I must admit I do check it every once in a while to see how many people have blocked me.  The only frustration I feel is the fact that someone has blocked me based on my past stories and they’ll never get the chance to see an improvement in quality content.

I love the idea that you can block feeds because there are certainly people we’d rather not see but the “openness” of it certainly makes me feel like I’m back in High School.  You know, it wasn’t so much that your girlfriend broke up with you, it’s the fact that she told everyone in the school she dumped you.  The whole world gets to see that 8 (and growing daily) people want to do more than ignore my articles, they want to make sure they never ever see them again.

Despite the dumps, traffic has picked up tremendously since I’ve focused my articles to domaining.  Traffic has jumped to 300 plus a day, not counting an article on Reddit that did well and brought in extra traffic, and I’m noticing more and more type-ins which is a good sign.  No matter who comes to the site, I’ve learned more about domaining in the last two months than I did in 8 years without researching articles,twittering, emailing, and chatting with fellow domainers.   I’ve also sold more domains this month than the last two years combined.  All thanks to this blog and of course,  help from Francois and

But the best part of it? My daughter thinks I’m winning the domain blog game and she’s excited for me.

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  1. Keep on writing and don’t worry about what anyone thinks. The longer you are in the business, the more you learn and more you can share. Keep up the good work.

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