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6 Nice Domains Dropping Today

Evidently people are reading these daily drop posts because within hours many of the domains with no bids have bids.  I picked up and will put up a Audrina Patridge photo and fan page soon.  She’s getting her own show on MTV so she’s going to be in the limelight for a while.  It’s not the most difficult in the world collecting photos of her either. A little light on good names today so I’m going to save my money but there are a few nice ones out there.  Again, if any of you benefit from the posts, I’d love to hear which domain you picked up.  Here are today’s nice drops. I don’t know if you’re going to make any money but would make a hilarious website or perhaps a quit cigarettes site.  I may pick this one up Presently with no bids at NameJet. Could be branded for many things.  Decent paying $1.30 click. Not my cup of tea but it’s hard to pass up a domain that has a CPC of $25.21. Another one I have no idea what it is but I know high click rates and this has one.  I like $23 a click. Valuate says it’s worth $1500 but you and one other guy who’s bidding on it think it’s worth $69 at this point. 90K searches,  3-$10 CPC and will probably go cheap with under 10 bidders.

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. There is a small typo above – it should be

    I am not an expert, but mesothelioma is connected with (or maybe the same as) asbestosis, so the lawyers are willing to pay these rates.


    – Paul

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