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Heyzap Arcade Makes Adding An Interactive Gaming Portal To Your Website a Piece of Cake

We’ve all want to be Hallpass Media’s Bill Karamouzis and create the next Addicting Games or Flash Player but most of us don’t have the skills to write the code to incorporate the games into our sites. Even if we did, monetizing the site can be difficult as well. You get hundreds of thousands of visitors but little revenue.  Heyzap Arcade thinks they can change all that.

As simple as adding one line of code, Heyzap Arcade will instantly add a “Games Portal in a Box” to a site, where visitors can select from Heyzap’s 30,000-plus games. You simple place an HTML IFrame onto your site and away you go. Heyzap focuses on social games so that they can join in from your site or any other site that offers the game. Heyzap just raised another $3 million in funding to help add more games and developers to it’s program. It presently has 4000 developers that add games and content to it’s catalog of games.

Here’s the nice thing.  You get 15% of all in game transactions.  You hear constantly of Zynga’s Farmville and other social games raking in the money and now is your chance to get a piece of the pie. Here’s Heyzap’s own take of why you should integrate games into your site

Take a cut of social games extreme CPM rates

  • Social Games have the highest CPM rates on the web
  • Monetize content that is fun
  • Plug in exciting new business model of microtransactions

Make your site more viral

  • Prolong user retention through use of sticky content
  • Accelerate user acquisition
  • Get more inbound links from twitter and Facebook

Maximize user time on site with exciting and engaging games

  • Social games are one of the most engaging content types on the web
  • Increase return rate of users by coming back for daily play
  • Increase page views to show more surrounding adverts

Boost the brand by exploiting game demographics

  • Enhance brand identity through specific game genres (e.g sports websites can now take social basketball games)
If I had any questions on whether this will work my daughter took out all doubt.  She was standing next to me as I typed this and I stepped away for 2 minutes and she was trying to play the games on the demo site.  I’m going to create a quick site and see what happens.  I just hope the only money I make isn’t from my daughter.
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  1. Thanks Shane. I’ll probably try this on 1-2 sites this weekend, and will shoot you a note in a couple months with the results.

    On a related front, Dutch Boyd took an interesting approach (interesting to a newbie like me, that is) for a simple gaming site recently — discussed briefly at his blog at DutchBoyd dot com.

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