Tuesday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around Town 4-3-12

Apr 03 2012

149 of you need to pay attention when you are putting in your bids.  LVestor has 149 bidders because it looks like this lnvestor on NameJet.  Is NameJet trying to cheat you?  There system is not set up to capitalize the first letter.  It has always been like that.  And someone is learning the hard way and paying $5K for this thing.  It’s going to get ugly at payment time. Now onto the names that actually have value.

BubbleFish.com   Snap is finally going to get a name that sells for good money.  I think I’ve seen it sell once before and it did much better than I thought it would.  Still don’t know why but I don’t ask questions anymore on why things sell for big money.


LVestor.com As stated above

Mensual.com Its from 1997 and already at $215 but all I can think of is menSTRual. It Does mean “monthly”

Suun.com  I’m a sucker for double vowel in a LLLL.com.  They also sell very well

SLWA.com Its WAAAAY to cheap at $32. I’ll step in and steal it if it stays under $150

Noxia.com Not tremendously valuable but a nice $100 plus 5L.com

AwesomeCoffee.com  You can certainly remember this name and the word awesome has become THE adjective in today’s culture.  12 years old

FastCapital.com  Its at $3500 and I still think this is a good value.

ZoneFinder.com   Easy spell and say and who doesn’t what to find their zone

CustomGarageFloors.com   More and more people are staining and customizing their garage floors.  Of course they still store all their shit in their and park in the street.

8x.org  Two character dot orgs always fetch a nice price

8a.org  And another

Special thanks to DropDay and Escrow.com for making this list possible. Don’t get lost in the crowd. If you have a name up for auction and would like to feature it here on the list. Drop me a line.

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  1. nux

    Bummer those 2 letter .org dropped.

    Looks like they are gone for good:

    $ whois 8a.org
    Name is reserved by Registry_Policy

    $ whois 8x.org
    Name is reserved by Registry_Policy

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