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Howard Neu Was in Porky’s? And Now Back To Me

DnJournal announced yesterday that Howard Neu has a new blog but also threw in a little bio and mentioned that Howard was in Smokey and the Bandit II and Porky’s II.  It made me realize that is probably a lot we don’t know about other domainers.  Heck, some of these guys don’t even use their real name so maybe we don’t want to know any more.  Here are a few unknown facts about me

1.  I lost $160,000 in one hour daytrading in 2007

2. Despite that one bad trade, that year I took $2000 and turned it into $120,000 in 9 months (obviously would have been more if not for that one trade)

3. I played soccer every day for 13 years.  Didn’t lose a game for the first 5 years and lost less than 10 games my whole life

4. Played baseball for 2 and never did win a game

5. Idolized Bear Bryant as a kid and always wanted to name my boy Bryant….had a girl and her middle name is Bryant

6. My respect is earned.  It drove my Father crazy that I wouldn’t respect someone because of their age or position.  I am never rude or disrespectful just don’t ooo and ahhh over anyone until I’ve seen something worth ooooing and ahhing

7.  I have never purchased a new car and still drive my 1995 Accord (I do have a company car)

8. Nobody in my immediate family has ever died before 80

9. My Dad is 6’6, My Uncles 6’7′ and 6’8′  Shoe sized 15, 16, 18

10. I didn’t own a video game system until I was 21, have color television until I was 18, and never had cable until college.  Had a computer since I was 8.  By the way I’m 40

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  1. I was very fortunate to be on some incredible teams. I won the state championship 4 out of my first five years. First YMCA team to ever win the state championship in Alabama. That same team had 5, yes 5 players from the 6-7 years old state championship team on my University of Alabama soccer team 12 years later.

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