Some Big Names Up for Auction Today

Mar 23 2010

We all have been a little disappointed with the quality of names and especially the results of the big domain auctions lately.  Earlier this week I wrote about my excitement with the Domain Madness 2 auction coming up.  Well the time has arrived and we’ll get to see if the previous problems come down to lack of quality names or lack of money.  Make sure to hit the big button to the right to register to win an iPad.  Yeah, they are a paid advertiser but not until after I wrote the post and I had to think about giving up my chance to win the iPad when I did it.   Here are a few of the names I think will or should sell     It’s already getting good traffic and making money so $10K is not out of the question  At 5K this is a steal and I think I like it as much as the one above.   The Australian market is growing by leaps and bounds.  $5K is a good buy   Easy worth over $1K  OK I’m a bit biased on this one.  I would like to see it at $5K but probably worth $10K  If GoFish sells for $50K this one is certainly worth $60K

Go here to register or bid on the names .  Remember the auction closes at 3pm CDT

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