How’d They Do : Daily Namejet and Godaddy Sales Results Thursday 3-21

Mar 21 2013

Today’s results had a ton of good names on it but most didn’t meet reserve.  Here are the prices of the names I followed and their reserves.  Feel free to add any results in the comments


(first price is price with one day left, second in bold is final price) $155….$335 $37….$44 $171….$301 $155…..$250 $45…..$104 $50…..$65 $2,020……$2020 $500…..$505 $42….$284 $17….$30 $1,416……$1416 $70…..$170 $155….$255 $180…..$447 $153….$255 $505…..$1630 $1,555….$1555 $51…..$71 $30….$893 $17….$204 $105….$105 $105….$105



(first price is price with one day left, second in bold is final price)

$3,000 R…..$6000 (reserve not met)
$1,500 R…..$2050 (reserve not met)
$12,500 R…..$18,000 (reserve not met)
$112 R…..$152 (reserve not met)
$114 R…..$151 (reserve not met)
$213 R…..$250 (reserve not met)
$12,300 R…..$33,000 (reserve not met)
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  1. don

    So anyone know what GD does to people who don’t pay when they win an auction? Do they just keep letting people bid up domain names.

    Also anyone ever get a notice that says you can buy the domain since the main bidder did not buy it and have 24 hours to do so but then have gd pull it away from you during that 24 hour notice. Can’t say the name but can’t believe they just pulled this crap.
    Then they tell you to put it on backorder.

    Just happened to me.

  2. Anon

    I’d be hesitant to provide identifying details, since you’re dealing with the darker side of the domain game with the drop aftermarket and a registrar can really screw you over, if they want.

    Recently (emphasis on recently), I bought a GD aftermarket drop that was magically ‘renewed’, immediately cloaked with privacy then listed on the aftermarket for thousands of dollars. It was a pretty strong name. The catch? I know for certain the original registrant didn’t renew it. I spoke with him on the phone.

    That means somebody behind the curtain renewed that name, took it away from me, the auction winner, and put it in their own portfolio.

    The drop aftermarket has always been a gigantic cess pool, I’m getting the sense GD is losing sight of what they learned from the whole Adam Dicker thing. If it’s not condoned, then there’s someone rogue inside, really breaking the rules.

  3. Eugene

    Anon, are you completely sure that domain name wasn’t for auction at any other place except @GD? I have seen something similar to this a couple of times, when the original owner put the domain on auction with GD (it still shows days/hours till the end based on auction type) but it eventually expired and got dropcatched through Namejet/Snap. If someone would bid on it he would be very surprised 🙂

    I personally am more pissed about GD 7 days money hold and option for the original owner to renew domain – e.g. they sell domains on expired auctions that still can be renewed by original owners 7 days after auction ends!

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