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NameJet’s Top 50 Sales From the Month of December

December tends to be a slower period for sales because of the December holidays.  NameJet teamed up with Ms. Jello to sell a few nice domains and one of them,, was the top seller of the month.  Most of his other names were great names but many did not meet reserve.  Of the reported names here are the top 50 last month


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2 Replies to “NameJet’s Top 50 Sales From the Month of December”

  1. How much is a 3 character domain with the hypen between letters worth on average? You can say a is usually $4,000 on up. How much is And would end users buy this?

    I saw type of domain for sale on DNForum thread and they were asking $5,500 BIN. And in sales above there is one for $4,100+. Is this about norm or?

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