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I Have the Ultimate Checks and Balances: My Mom Reads This Blog Daily

My Mom has always been my biggest supporter. It didn’t matter where or what I was attempting to do my Mom was always there. She pretty much gave up her entire world just to shuttle me to my soccer and basketball games for 18 years. My Dad went to most of my games and supported me along the way but it has always been my Mom that did the legwork. Even as a 43 year old man my Mom is still around every corner. Even at my first Ironman my Mom didn’t tell me she was coming yet at the end of the swim, end of the bike, and even at 10 pm at the finish, there she was ,waiting for me for 17 hours!!! I wrote how it actually meant more to me than finishing the Ironman HERE.

So it comes as no surprise that Mom comes here every day to see what I’m up to. It’s because of this I have stuck to writing “As if your Mom is going to read it”. Because she is. It doesn’t mean I can’t curse, talk about lady parts, or be a little off color. My Mom raised me to work hard and have fun and she gets to see and read the results each day.

My parents divorced when I was in college and 6 years later I went into business with my Father. Despite her dislike for my Dad, she was supportive because she knew that although my Dad was an ass at times, I was a hard working kid and would be able to take advantage of the opportunity that he was going to provide. She also knew I had the personality to deal with him. Just like this blog, I will say exactly what I think, I will support my case forever if I am right and will apologize if I am wrong. And tomorrow there will be no hard feelings. And even though I joined “the dark side” she still supported me.

I’m not Mike Cohen. I have a real backstory, lots of pictures, show my face at conferences, with a real Mom that reads and comments. My Mom even supports you. How? She will call me out if I lie here in the blog. She is the fact checker that keeps my honest. Stories of my past have to be true or my own Mom will call me out. While there are certainly embellishments. Twenty years makes all stories better. But I can’t have been born a poor black child or son of a Wall Street banker. Saturday article on my early childhood businesses was a perfect example. I talked about some of the things I did to make money and she chimed in about one I forgot. I forgot I tried to breed black gerbils. After buying a black gerbil I figured I could make some money by learned to breed them myself. So I read books and experimented how to get them to breed. I got to the point I had 20 or 30 black gerbils, eventually having a disease wipe them all out. And yes my Mom helped me along the way.



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  1. Hats off to you! Respecting and honoring Mom is wonderful. My Mom has recently passed and its always nice to know others appreciate their Mom’s. Keep up the great post. Thanks Shane

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