SHANE’S BIG LIST: Tuesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 5th

Feb 05 2013

Had a great evening last night.  Oversee was very gracious and took me out for a nice meal on the Beach.  I would have loved to go to Frank’s event but I’m not a broker (yet) and you can only go to one thing at a time.  Forget the fact I wasn’t invited.  Looking forward to a good day today of meeting new people and seeing old friends.  If you’re at the event come over and say hello.  Here are today’s names (pretty good sized list) and the daily quote.

“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down” -Oprah Winfrey Not sure if there is any value but it IS my favorite appetizer. 17 year old domain and ironically I’m heading to the only place that uses the word “Killer” regularly. Under $50 at press time Again, not sure if any value. 14 years old and ….I was going to make a joke here but as I said before, Mom is reading. And please Mom, don’t mention those magazines you found. I thought Oui was a French interior design magazine No bidders. Good name for people to watch your house. Or maybe just a good page to find people to rob. 12 years old You know how to find a Vegan? Just wait, they’ll tell you Nice Super Speed something something Don’t know the value of the domains but I know the truckers that come into the nursery constantly talk about them and try to avoid them. No bidders. Dot org would probably work better here but I love the name and what it implies. Short, pronounceable. Good value under $200 IMO Stay at home Mom’s are on the Internet all day. If they worked from home as much as some of them are on Facebook they would make $100K a year. What most pot growers are. NO bidders A PR4 and perfectly describes most of my college girlfriends By far my least favorite camp in the summer as a kid.

Go Daddy Featured Offer! Save 47%* off your order! Offer Ends 2/12/13! Short.  I see NASCAR fan buying this one  Not sure of the value but I like it, short,  and sounds like the content would be interesting. 13 years old  Do you really have to try out for these things?  I thought it was like Columbia House CD club. You just sign up and your in.  And then it comes back to haunt you for the next 10 years.  No bids. Good call to action name.


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  1. Paul Kapschock

    “…..Columbia House CD club”

    Wow, thanks for bringing back a 25 year old memory for me!

    Forgot all about that club and pasting stamps on forms for the cds you wanted!

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