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I Make $5,000 + Per Month with Google’s Adsense Program

That’s the title of a question and answer session over at Reddit yesterday. A reddit user has opened himself up to questions regarding how he makes over $5K a month with his sites.   According to the post he has sold off most of his sites and kept the main site but that still generates the $5,000.  His aged domains have brought in over $200,000 in sales on Flippa lately.  Here are all his sites and the data from Adsense

Here are some of the better questions and answers from thread

Q. How would I start after buying a website at Flippa for $500?

A. It really depends on which website you bought, however the basic plan would be to transfer the domain/site to your domain registrar/host, sign up to google adsense or whatever affiliate is generating the income, and let the site earn money. You can then try to do some SEO/content tweaks. You’ll be getting a huge learning experience from this

Q. How did you first learn about this and how did you originally get into doing this?

A. I am self taught from reading about it on the internets. Got into it when I heard about all the success stories (Facebook, Google, etc)

Q. Why are you sharing your experience with us and helping us anyways? Wouldn’t that hurt your business by giving you competition?

A. I’m sharing my experience because some jackwhipe posted a “I make 10% of the amount on Adsense that SRNC does”. I just had to 10-up him. Also, I enjoy the ego-stroke that it gives me. I’m not worried at all about competition. There are already millions of people doing it. Also, I’m down to one authority site, and I’m confident that nobody else will be competing with that.

Q. Um, you might want to watch out. It’s against the TOS to post your adsense earnings, and with those exact figures it’s fairly easy for them to trace it back to you. Last thing you’d want is your adsense account blocked because of this 🙂

A. Do some more research. You can’t post more details like the click-through rates, etc. It is perfectly fine to share your total earning dollar amounts.

Q. I’ve visited Flippa many times, most of the sites that claim to be making money with the classic “I’m focusing on other projects which is why I want to sell” seem like complete BS to me. Aren’t the only people making money the guys selling the sites?


Not true at all. I actually sold off my inventory of 40+ sites because I’m literally too busy with other projects. The people who bought my websites are now enjoying the cash-flow that I used to have.

Also, there’s pretty much no such thing as a “Set/Forget” website that makes you money. Everything needs some level of maintenance, and every site has the potential to stop making money overnight if google changes it’s logarithm.

Q. Any specific kind of site that would be the best to start out with as far as earnings potential goes?

A. Something with timeless content (not about something that will be obsolete in a few years) and something that has a solid history (2+ years) of traffic/earnings.

Q. I never mess around with search or anything SEO related because I feel like it’s too unreliable to rely on Google’s (constantly changing) SEO algorithm. Just last month, thousands of people lost their entire income through that BMR debacle.Do you think you’ll be able to keep up your income forever?

A. SEO can be unreliable if you are trying to cheat the system. I pretty much follow Google’s golden rule of creating quality content for the user, and they have had my back so far with every update.

Like all stories that end with the person making good income, I walk away from this one excited.  Excited because despite most of those domains and web sites being set up years ago, I can’t help but feel that this can still be repeated.  There is still an opportunity to earn $50 K a year with “non full time” sites.  If only I had any time to make my belief come true.

Read more from the original IMA over at Reddit


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17 Replies to “I Make $5,000 + Per Month with Google’s Adsense Program”

  1. We make a lot more than that doing a whole lot less. I was part of that forum and discussion. Congrats for the guy making that, but too much time and money is spent trying to make that happen.

    Great blog!

  2. I have been visiting trying to pick up a couple of sites. Most the sites for sale I saw were created only a few months ago..yet they have earning. So I am suspicious.

    I would love to pick up a website for about $500…that looks pretty, has a decent domain names, with unique contend, makes money, and been around for 2+ years.

    Does it exist?

    Shane…maybe you can write a post and highlight some of the website on Flippa for sales. Please cap it at $5K max. Poor Uncle has no money.

  3. I don’t doubt the earnings, but these are basically expanded ‘mini-sites’ with tons of pages, not pretty, and I’m guessing the content is unique. For the prices paid for some of them, I’d rather buy a good .com domain.
    It seems like Flippa is doing well because the sites are selling for good prices, but can the new owners maintain the earnings? What I come away with is that the market is there for a turn-key website that’s already making money, as opposed to buying a domain and starting from scratch. Maybe that’s why Rick Latona moved to selling revenue sites instead of domains only.

  4. Moral of the story here is the same, if you have a domain name, even if you plan to flip or sell it, build a website on it.
    Parking is death.
    With WordPress it takes 1 day to have a decent, informative, website.

  5. Making $5,000 per month is phenominal for newbies just starting out and this blog post
    is a great motivator.

    Thank you.


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