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The Market Is Alive and Well

I sold yet another 5 letter dot com this week giving me 6 sales this year. A little down from last year but mostly due to the fact I am not accepting much under $2,000 for any of my 5 letter dot coms.

The sale of one name has more than paid for my cost off all six domains combined. I bought many of these names several years ago so my cost is minimal in most of my 5 letters. That doesn’t mean the value is low. On the contrary. The value of QUALITY 5 letter dot coms is skyrocketing. Noticed how I said quality.

Everyone has a different measurement of quality but mine are words that have meaning but ending in a y or a vowel. Certainly there are other names of quality that don’t follow that trend. That’s just my “style” and one that seems to work for me. The name that sold this time was purchased by a company of the same name out of Israel. I actually had no idea there was a company with this name due to the fact they didn’t show up in the first two pages of google for the term. They should now that they have the domain.

Here’s a list of some recent sales of 5L.coms Just kidding. I know this isn’t your typical IT IS a 5 letter though. $25,000 $5400 $3500 $3000 $2088 $6000 $8400 $5000 $2000 $7544 $2373 $3200

Sale prices courtesy of DnJournal

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7 Replies to “The Market Is Alive and Well”

    1. Victor,

      Sorry to hear about that list. Looks like you have a lot of dropping to do. Yupak is OK. Yupak Shakur was my favorite rapper, maybe that wasn’t his name. I guess I’m not a real big fan.

  1. We have 300 very pronounceable 5L .com domain names.
    Have sold some so far but we are not selling cheap and generally wait for the end user to come along.

    Just got one inquiry today for

  2. congrats on the sale! are they finding you because of your blog, or a specific brokerage site?

  3. Congrats Shane, I was doing a weekly report but too many emails people trying to sell me 5l.coms at end user prices. sold for $360 on go daddy expiring was seven year old domain and traffic of 1290

    Over the last month a bunch have been selling in that $300 to $400 range on Go Daddy if they have met the quality Shane mentioned.

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