I Would Hire The Guys From IndustrialPainter.com Just Because of their Website

Nov 05 2010

“A Voyage is About To Begin!”  You have to give RJ Greenguard Inc some credit. Their website is original.  They have a perfect domain name for their business (they are industrial painters) and certainly put a website on it that is like no other site I’ve visited. By the time I left the site I was sold (and laughing a little bit)

I’m sure the site is not for everyone, but my family and I spent 15 minutes of our night enjoying the thing.  We’re not even the slightest bit interested in having any industrial painting done but that didn’t stop me from digging deeper through the site looking for more fun and games.  Hell, I even looked through all the pictures of the painters.  Some might call the site cheesy, but you have to admit,  it grabs your attention and makes you want to see more.

All in all I wouldn’t change the site a bit.  I’m not sure if the site was done tongue in cheek or not but does it really matter?  To me it’s a work of art.  From the voice over in the opening, to the bowler rolling out the words in the intro, IndustrialPainter.com is the best industrial painter website I’ve ever visited 🙂

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  1. Josh P

    Perhaps I’m wrong about this, but I have a suspicion their website hasn’t been updated since around 1999-2002, when mostly-flash sites were considered popular and Google (which cares more for valuable content than static “eye candy”) hadn’t quite taken off. At any rate, sites with animated intro pages are fun the first time you view them, but the second time onward, it gets rather annoying to have to keep clicking “Skip Intro” to get to the regularly updated content. Tough for me to take such websites seriously 🙂

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