If You Like Number Domains Then You’ll Like Auctions Ending Tomorrow at 4.cn

Jan 12 2013

4.cn, the Chinese domain auction site, is known for selling high end numerics. Tomorrow will add to those numbers. There are some awesome high end numerics ending there the next couple days. In my opinion these are still a great investment and they are very limited and always will be. And it’s not like the Chinese population is going down or getting poorer any time soon. Hell, I’m even in Chinese stocks like SINA and Baidu right now and tore it up last week. Here are some of the names ending in the next couple days. The price is its current price but they surely will go WAY up

324.com $13,307
3108.com $1408
751.com $25,900
551.com $32,335
6051.com $820
671.com $27,348
4141.com $1785
8881.com no bids but reserve of $16 to 32K
65.com Already at $161,000
5525.com $2815
653.com $25,740

All auctions HERE

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  1. Jay

    We will probably see way higher bids on 65.com domain name. ICANN will block two-character domains with new gTLD program (Specification 5 of the Registry Agreement), so they will dramatically increase in value due to non-existence of alternatives.

  2. J S

    I am very curious what people use these number domains for? I’ve never seen a developed business or brand.

  3. Axel

    Do the numbers have some special meaning in Chinese? OR do they jsut like short website names that happen to be numbers?

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