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If You Want to Sell Your Domains, Get Them In the Hands of People That Have Reach

Reach.  The success of a broker, salesman, or website is usually not based on their selling skills, it’s based on how many people that they have in their communication circle and how far they reach beyond everyday domain investors.  The further you can get outside the domain investor circle and in front of business owner’s eyeballs, the better chance you have of a higher priced sale.  This is basic business.  Getting your product in front as many customers as you can or getting it into a new market has been the goal of every business since the test of time.

Anyone can broker a name.  So often I see people calling themselves brokers and yet their only method or getting your name sold is to put it in the broker section of the domain forums, putting in on their website and in their newsletter.  I can do that.  Granted not all newsletters are treated equal.  MediaOptions and TobyClements reach as many customers as anyone in the industry.  They’ve sold millions of dollars in domains and there is no further reach in the domain newsletter industry.  They reach beyond the domain investors that circle around the forums and domain blogs.  While I don’t have real data, my guess is that while their list is comprised of mostly domain investors, there are plenty of high end investors as well as startup and venture people mixed in. Giving it to a 22 year old recent graduate in Oklahoma City?  Probably not going to give you much reach.

Another way to achieve reach is Sedo and Godaddy.   Millions of people search for names on these two platforms.  Contrary to sales lists, putting your names up for sales at these two gets your name thrown into a mix and needs a little extra help to get to the front.  One problem, only the people that are searching for your keywords will see your name at Sedo unless you send it to auction. Also, in my opinion,  Internet Traffic is a much better, less expensive way of selling a name.  No fees and if somebody wants a name they will go to the domain itself.

The last method is one that Morgan Linton uses and that’s handing to an employee or a commissioned salesperson that direct contacts people in industries that would benefit from your particular domain names.  Again breaking away from the domain investor crowd and reaching out to those that don’t visit the auctions or read broker emails.  Expanding the market to it fullest.  A method that takes lots of effort until success is reached.  A method that takes lots of time and legwork   But once it is, it’s one of the most lucrative of all the methods.

While we all know that our goal is to sell our domains for the most money, one of the simplest ways to achieve that goal is to get it in the hands of a person with reach.

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9 Replies to “If You Want to Sell Your Domains, Get Them In the Hands of People That Have Reach”

  1. There is no broker who focus on Fortune 500 and Global 500 end-user buyers. Selling domain to domainers is what most of brokers do and the is not what some of us want…

  2. I like dns because I can market any particular name and have them broker it for 10%.

    All we have to do is tell the prospects to make offers at the site.

    We also now have the ability to park at a place where they pay you 6 or 7 bucks on an insurance click as opposed to 4 cents on other platforms. Not naming anyone of course:)

    All I have to do now is market the domain name I wish to sell. I like the marketing aspect of it but not selling part so this system works great for us.

    Contacting companies to sell your domain name puts you in a weaker position right off the bat.

    This system partly takes you out of that position if you send the correct sales prospect letter to the company. Sending an email is not the best way as half the time it will not even get to them. Many disagree but do whatever that works I guess.

    The good old post office gets it there 99% of the time.

    Giving a price up front is the worst thing you can do in a email or sales letter.

    I have made that mistake and won’t do that again. Just my thoughts for the day.


  3. We like all end users are burnt out from email spam, we all know who sends it, a few more copycats have jumped on the bandwagons. Majority of end users are disgusted with domainers, as they have all been put in the same category as these no good spammers.

    I am not sure if sending out quality domain emails to end users is a good idea for generic domains, I guess if it is a last resort, I would never hire overseas workers to spam domains for me, they will make a few bucks, and just start doing it themselves, and probably on your dime as well.

  4. more stupid stuff was written here as a comment

    *****Edited because written by an imbecile

    just tryin’ to save you some time and effort.

    notice i’ve given myself a promotion.

  5. Who has reach? Sedo, Afternic, Cax and related sites, in my opinion. Landers at parking companies with contact us links, whois lookups, and free standing domains for sale pages not so much…but use them all.
    In the last few months I’ve had two people send unsolicted offers which I accepted and then didn’t pay the money…a waste of everyones’ time. Afternic worked hard and it closed sale at asked price. has been the bright spot…three domains closed there quickly at asking price. Wish I can sell more.

  6. Almost all of my domain sales have come by contacting end users directly via a somewhat personalized email (personalized with their name via mail merge). Have had great success with that. Although I doubt I’m getting top dollar for my domains, I’m still making a nice profit from it.

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