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IKE’S LIST OF DOMAINS AT AUCTION FOR Friday, January 26th: Winner of the WaterNight Ticket announced

And the Winner is…. owned by Alvin Brown 

I don’t think it’s the best domain in the world but it works, especially in our crypto frenzy climate. I’m not a big fan of names that turn the verb into a noun like checker. I used to be, but I haven’t sold many of them. I think there ok to describe a specific tool, but it seems like companies want a name that encompasses a bigger idea than just one tool that they might create. For example seems like it could be more than just a specific tool to check crypto.

So now that I’ve torn apart and belittled the winner of the contest, I’ll analyze the rest of the submissions with my opinion only. As a side note all of us, Aaron and Travis included agreed on the winner., First thing: always camel case your domain when submitting it to someone, trying to sell them or if you just like to stare at a spread sheet full of your own domains.  You need to get into the habit of doing this,  I’m just guessing here but I imagine you submit them for sale like this. It might not seem like a big deal, but if it takes an extra split second for the reader to identify what the name even is it will cost you.

Now with that said: Volleyball Gifts is very fricken specific. I’m not sure if it has any search volume, I doubt it does. If it had a ton of search volume then possibly someone would want it as a redirect. I don’t see anyone ever buying this name for a brand. Even as a business model it seems very narrow.

I also don’t know what a volleyball gift is: Are there specific things for volleyball players or do the gifts apply to any sport, or for that matter any industry? If you had a store that sold volleyball stuff, it would include gifts but would not be limited to gifts. So logically she’s made of wood and therefore a witch.

UnitedStatesCrypto (com) This name on the surface isn’t a bad name, and would probably sell wholesale. My problem with it is that it’s really long, and my first thought is that it’s completely counter intuitive to crypto currency.

I’m sure that governments will develop their own crypto in an attempt to slow down decentralized currency or even to confuse people, but the essence of crypto is to be decentralized and not controlled by any government, corporation or entity.  It might have legs if the USA does develop a centralized “crypto” but then I think they’d use a .gov.  Matt did you really register this name thinking about home many rings Tom Brady has? I almost like it cuz it sounds like a gangster, and if my nick name were two hands tommy, I’d defiantly pay you like $100 for it. If you did indeed register it for this reason I  think you may need to revise your domain strategy.

I like that you’re thinking outside the box, but try and stay just outside the box or near the box if you will. This one can’t even see the box, it doesn’t even know where the box is, probably has no idea what the box looks like. On the other hand sometimes domain buyers don’t know what the box is supposed to look like either, so maybe there’s a chance.   Mark tried to pull a fast one on us by choosing a name that he already sold. I think it was a great sale Mark, but I’m curious why you bought it.  I’m thinking it had traffic, there was a site on the .Net, or ANB ending in “B” for bank had to be a match somewhere.

I looked up the letters ANB and the first search results were indeed banks with numerous banks having this name from all over the world. Arab National Bank, ANB in Colorado, Amarillo National Bank. In any case we wouldn’t have picked this on the surface but looking into it after the sale I can see the value.

A good point to take away from this: everyone brings their own knowledge and life experience to the domain lists. I love finding names that are excellent to me because of something unique to my life experience, but mean nothing to other domainers.

As a side note if you are trading Crypto ask me what time of night I’m doing the list. The last 6 times I’ve done the list in the middle of the night, the big three have dropped big and I get distracted trying to play the oversold bounce. Which has been the most profitable short term play for me.


Main List

The No Bid List  Great email domain, [email protected] has a nice ring to it.  Study all the arts, not just one. Art in the singular encompasses plural right? or do both work? We often say Art in a general sense that I think includes the plural, but then there’s ” The Arts”. Art Institute is obviously better, not sure is Arts works too. Has bitcoin in it so…  Stop scams before they get you  Energy that jumps or stuck you choose  A site that connects you to all the things you need to be connected to  A coloring site for kids  No need for the violence  Government Ability  Personal Self defense  For the kids or by the kids   When you don’t want toxins say Natural Please  News and information  Mostly flat but with a slight decline.  Tea that makes you more productive  Stored disaster plans. It’s called preplanning, why wait for the emergency to start. Having preplans for high risk low frequency situations will save you time when it’s most critical  A vacation destination like a cabin or cottage, the same people come every year. They’re your vacation community  Is it something like a wallet to store your income, or do you own a store and make money Small techies  You get beat up a lot, but you come out tough  When you’re no longer sane

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    Hey everyone .. actually be careful of all the Institute typos today .. quite a lot of them floating around. 😉
    And congrats Alvin! 🙂
    Re: TwoHandsTommy
    I’m pretty sure Two Hands wouldn’t pay for the domain .. in fact if he was a real gangster he’s make you pay the street version of a UDRP .. a udRIP maybe? lol

    1. Shit, good point… I tried drawing attention to plural/singular nuances and it all blows up when the damn second word is spelled wrong.

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