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I had an uneventful trip home from Namescon, but I do have a word of advice about Spirit Air. They tricked me into paying for a first class size seat for a regular seat that didn’t recline but with no one sitting in the middle. I was in row 2 and when I booked the flight and paid for the seat upgrade, there were only 4 seats across row 2 not 6.  Oh well, I slept the whole time anyway.

The trip home was nothing like the trip to Vegas. I was sitting in the first row in my appropriately sized first class type seat. (I say first class type seat since Spirit doesn’t actually have first class). The guy next to me was friendly and immediately introduced himself.  We talked for about an hour and a half about our regular jobs and life in general.

Finally I asked what he would be doing in Vegas. He started out by saying that his brother in law was involved in Hatzalah Baltimore and I soon as he said that I asked if he knew Lonnie, turns out Lonnie was who he was talking about. So for the rest of the trip Jonathan Bierer and I talked about domains and how he was helping the Lonnie’s family manage the domain portfolio. He was coming to Namescon to learn about the industry and network like everyone else, but with the main goal of helping his extended family.

I thought that was pretty cool. There’s nothing like seeing people pull together after a tragedy, helping those that need help by giving of themselves and their time. I wish Jon and the Borck family all the best with figuring out the best way to manage and sell the domains. DSAD along with many in the industry will be available if needed to help them in any small way that we can.

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The No Bid List A site about really smart people an apple-green variety of chalcedony containing nickel, used as a gemstone. Has an estibot around $6k, I’ve never heard of it  A brand to compare prices or all around costs. You need a service like this to compare  Spirit Air to other airlines, They look cheaper on the surface but they charge you a fees to exit the plane and use the bathroom. You know that oxygen mask that falls from the ceiling in the event the cabin depressurizes? On Spirit it won’t drop without a swipe of a credit card. The guy sitting behind me asked the flight attendant if he could “fly the plane for a bit” There was an exchange of money and next thing you know he’s heading to the cock pit. I actually saw 20 to 30 people get out of the cargo hold when we landed. One guy was dragging his buddy by the arm, apparently his coat wasn’t warm enough and he froze to death enroute.  makes me think of a flea market with crafts, or a truck load full of crafts  Clear away the confusion extraneous data  A periodical with all the facts  Fiction with an “a” at the end. Philly is known for it’s pretzels. I did not have one as I passed through  A brand of products that glue annoying house flys to paper  Plants and harvests gold  A B&B or independent hotel  Good for any company with a results based service  An escort service you would hire to move wide loads  Every one of them is different  Has a lot of teeth and sweet moves  10 Beautiful N’s, only 26 of these all one letter 10 character bad boys   sell energy instead of buying it only   Keeps the wood from splitting  Smoking, bad habits anything you don’t want to do anymore  on a bed of coals?  A wine brand  Basically you’re turned into a cyborg  I’ve sold a few Zen names, I like this one  An interogative statement that might not be the best pickup line  A football name  Sometimes I practice my British accent and drink tea  A guitar learning site  The Gold Farmer also grows gold coins An app to find the nearest restroom  A bag so strong you can carry lava in it



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  1. Surprised you had anything but a bad flight on Spirit air. It is amazing how both of us have only one other person from the conference that are going to the same area of the country as us and we both end up sitting right next to someone from NamesCon. All those flights and airlines and yet they end up 3 feet away. Great story

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