And the Winner of the $100,000 DSAD Auction Contest Is……………………

Jan 28 2017

DSAD had a contest last week that rewarded the winner with a possibility of winning $800,000 or more.  People left comments guessing the total of three names from the ROTD/Namejet Auction.   We had over 30 guesses which is a pretty good turnout for this little old blog. The names and their final results are below  $21,000  $66,500   $199,999   Was $1 from meeting reserve and nobody bid higher.  Can’t believe current bidder hasn’t moved it up one $1 to meet reserve which is a little fishy to me. Can’t tell me that if they are willing to pay $199,999 that they wouldn’t pay $100 higher.  But that’s for another story.

For a total of $287,499

And the closest guess was a fine gentleman named Fatih Ozturk, a regular reader.  But how much did Fatih actually win?  Michael Cyger and I set out to find out how much.

After a fantastic Sherpa dinner and a night of craps we decided to see how much Fatih was going to win.  The rules were simple.  $100 in a $1 Wheel of Fortune slot machine.  Bet the max which is $3 and spin it 34 times.  Michael Cyger and I would pick the machine and he would be there to witness. But there was a problem.  We could only find a machine with a max bet of $2.  So we checked with the judges, me, and decided I would pull it 50 times.  And we spinned, and spinned, and spinned.   We even hit the jackpot and it sent it to the top wheel for the big bonus.  And when it was all said and done, Fatih took home an amazing…………………………………………….




So Fatih, you are not a rich man but you are richer than you were yesterday.  Let me know how you’d like me to spend the money, I mean SEND the money.  And thank you everyone for playing.

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    1. Fatih OZTURK

      🙂 Thanks Michael, Shane. This is the first time i am winning anything from a contest after applying hundreds of times to tv shows or online.

      It was a good feeling to wake up and see messages like “You WON!” despite the amount.

      So how much do i owe now Shane?:)

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