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Random thought of the day: I keep hearing public service announcements on the radio and online about train crossing safety. Basically they’re bringing awareness to the fact that a train can’t stop as quickly as a car, and that you shouldn’t try and outrun the train because you will probably die. They cite that number of times that death by train occurs every year.

On the surface it seems like a nice little ad campaign. You hear that ad and are reminded (just in case you forgot) that getting hit by a locomotive could be hazardous to your health. Below the surface it seems like a random and futile expenditure.

If you get to the point in your life where some governmental accrediting agency deems you worthy of a license to  drive and operate a motor vehicle, and you have yet to figure out that trying to outrun a train at a signaled crossing is a bad idea, then you will die one way or the other very shortly.

I mean the ad campaign would be better served with something like, “if you think you might be one of these future unfortunates that will die by train, please turn in your license today so you don’t hurt anyone else.

These are the same people that fall off the grand canyon while taking a photo,  get hit by a bus playing Pokemon go, or hang themselves by accident while masturbating.  It’s basically nature culling the population. If any of these people make it into their 50’s it’s an anomaly, the grace of God, or pure dumb luck.

Obviously people that don’t fall into this life category get run over by trains from time to time, we all have bad days, or in some cases the stars align, they break down on the tracks, their seat belt gets jammed and they get hit. If something like this happens the ad campaign won’t have helped them, fate killed them.

In any case, be safe at train crossings.

Domain Of the Day:  Could be a payment system for non profits and other organizations 

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  1. ” It’s basically nature culling the population. If any of these people make it into their 50’s it’s an anomaly, the grace of God, or pure dumb luck.”
    Could be one of my favorite DSAD quotes of all time.

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