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In the comments from Saturdays post someone posted the link to the obituary for the owner of all the BlockChain domains that expired and were auctioned at Godaddy. I wrote how It seemed crazy that someone took the time to be ahead of the curve registering all those names and then let them expire, little did I know the owner had died.

Godaddy got a nice windfall profit because of this, it reminds me that I should have a plan or at least someone I trust that can access my domains if something happens to me. I don’t know what the deceased domain investors portfolio consisted of but the blockchain domains alone sold for 10’s of thousands of dollars.

I doubt they’ll do this, but it would be a good move on Godaddy’s part to donate some of the money to the family or to one of the charities listed in the obituary. I’m not saying they have to do this, we need to plan for all scenario’s,  but they made all that money because someone died, It would be a nice thing to do.

Shane was able to send of few pics from his trip, it sounds like he’s having a good time and working hard. 

Yesterday my daughter and I went and saw Jumanji, it wasn’t too bad, but I like the first one better. One thing that did piss me off was the BS CPR that they tried to perform.

Maybe I’m being ridiculous, but when you have a platform that millions of people will engage, why wouldn’t you do it right? Not only did they do it wrong they verbalized doing it wrong. I think, at best, it was a missed opportunity to reinforce a tiny bit of knowledge that could save someone’s life, at worst it causes someone to do completely useless rescue efforts in a situation where they could have made a difference.

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The No Bid List  Caves, cardboard boxes, cars, are all alternate homes  The auction service that does estate sales  I always try and throw a seal name in when I can  Cell signal booster  prefab home manufacturer, factory direct homes  A coin name without a bid  You don’t really hear much about crack anymore, not sure how much of a market there is for crack pipes. It’s all heroin and meth these days   A brand for something  Lot’s of money in Dubai, I’ve passed through numerous time and  everytime there were more cranes in the air building higher. Someone will want to be the master, makes a good email anyway.  The way it all goes  MMA , wrestling, get all the fight action  Could be a directory or a company with numerous great wineries  A Crypto wallet for hippies My wallet, please fill it for me  A discount travel site for last minute deals, the only thing is you have to leave right now.  This name reminded about the shit CPR in the movie  Tests or football sealed dough balls that turn into bread when exposed to air  An app that helps you balance your accounts  has a suffix but you get the idea  A very broad topic  An auction for cars, real estate or anything with a title  Makes me think of baby gender reveals. I went to one recently. They shot a target with tanerite in the middle, it exploded pink.  The door to the money I imagine some kind of system that artificially ensures trust in your peers. Maybe it’s a lie detector  A wine pairing information site, helps you pick the right wine  Your very own nuclear launch button, use with caution

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Names With Bids  A hyphenated name with the highest price. There should be a domain hyphen checker/remover in the toolkit

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Namejet  I need better shoes, I had to repair a pair a sneakers the other day by cutting off a section of the heal.  Tap into your credit with this app  Collect gamer token rewards to enhance your character


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