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You ever wonder how a person can end up with a long list of wrongdoing, things that span long periods of time with multiple crimes or unethical actions?  It could be anything, sexual harassment, political corruption, embezzlement, maybe even promising to build websites and not delivering while keeping the money.

These things start with one action that goes unchallenged, one event that occurs with no accountability. Then it happens again, still no accountability, then they start to justify their actions or develop a sense of invincibility.  Overtime it’s second nature, part of who they are, all because the thing they did wasn’t challenged or caught early on.

We do things like this to some degree, they don’t have to be blatant illegal action or overtly unethical. Maybe it’s something like gambling more than we should because we won the first few times.

There are stories about this kind of thing all the time, especially with stealing money. We hear about someone that ended up stealing millions of dollars from a non profit or their employer. I bet the first time it happened it was a mistake or they needed a few extra bucks and intended to pay it back. When no one challenged them or found out, they took a little more till it got to the point of no return.

I bring this up because I got pulled over on the way to work last night for speeding and actually got a ticket. I got cocky, because I shit you not, I have been pulled over 60 or 70 times without getting a ticket. I drive over 100 miles to work, so I’m on the road a lot, so maybe I’m in uniform or I have something else that identifies what I do for a living. There’s a camaraderie with all first responders that translates into lots of warnings.

In theory I don’t think that I should get out of a speeding ticket, but in reality I’ll take any advantage I can get, but getting a ticket grounds me back in reality. It reminds me that it’s not ok to speed excessively.  

Well at least it reminds me that I should be  more aware of my surroundings, pay more attention, look for the hiding spots, scan for other drivers signaling “cop ahead” and employ the front door method. The ticket keeps me from getting cocky and lets me know I need to play the game if I want to speed. 🙂  I mean I get paid to drive fast, so what’s wrong with practicing on the way to work?

See, the rationalizing is supposed to be ironic.

Domains of the Day:  A site to find every Chuck Norris war movie, he breaks so many necks with ease.

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  1. I remember getting pulled over about a year ago and thinking how I had the veteran icon on my license here in PA. I got a ticket, and on top of it the cop was quite rude in the process when I asked him a couple simple questions. I remember feeling so bitter later and thinking how this a-hole has such an easy job and it’s was nothing compared to what I had gone through in the marines spending 3 years overseas in an infantry unit and 1 of those with a special ops unit.

    In reality, the guy was right (despite being a jerk) and I did deserve a ticket.

  2. I’ve always chosen to live where I don’t need a car .. but that being said .. when it comes to most “minor” infractions like running a stop sign, speeding, J-Walking, texting and driving, etc … I’ve always felt that if you weren’t paying enough attention to see the police .. then you very likely deserve the ticket.
    Nice post today .. well put! 🙂

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