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After reading Shane’s post from yesterday I tried to think of which domains were my 10 best.

It should be obvious right? I shouldn’t have to think about it. I’m often surprised by which names sell and which don’t. The names that I think are great will sit there with limited inquiries and an overall lack of traction.

So what’s the issue if there is one? First, timing is the key to any of this. The best names at fair/market retail prices will only sell if the stars align and someone comes across the name at the right time or has an idea and needs that domain. Under priced domains have a higher chance of selling outside of those parameters, but only slightly as the field opens to opportunists and those with broader ideas that they may or may not pursue.

With the timing issue addressed I think that the next and biggest issue, at least for me, is that I overprice the domains that I think are really good. I’m sure most of us have done it, there’s a particular domain that we really like. We think that others will also think it’s awesome and will be throwing money at me to buy it. I think we lose sales by not pricing fairly, but who really knows, every time I say something like that I sell something ridiculous by accident for way more than I expected.

An other issue worth mentioning is the niche. Supply has to be in sync with the demand for a particular category. There are tons of great domains out there, there are even decent domains that aren’t even registered that would meet the domain and brand needs of many companies. If your decent to good domain lends itself to a particular niche that has too much supply, it’ll be harder to sell for your perceived fair price.

I plan on going through my domains to see if I can pull out the ones that I think are the best and add them to a post. I should just list the last 10 I’ve sold and say that they are my most recent 10 best, and I think it would be valid, but not as fun.

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4 Replies to “IKE’S LIST OF DOMAINS AT AUCTION FOR Saturday, August 24th”

  1. Your investments strategy is different than many. You are a numbers player and have a rare ability to understand what a company would name itself. One name is not much better than another. You avoid the high priced names because it messes up cost to sales ratio. The returns on higher priced names are no better than yours percentage wise but tie up capital much longer. But you’ve proven that your names sell better than other people’s bulk name purchases. I don’t think its something that can be taught either. Its a way that your brain works and teaching someone else to work their brain the same as your is impossible, if not deadly 🙂

    1. Lol. True
      But there are still at least 10 that I would put in a category above volume domains, maybe even the investment category. I just can’t remember them all off the top of my head.

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