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I’ve been looking through online marketplaces recently, mostly FB but sometimes craigslist. I probably won’t buy one anytime soon, but I’ve been looking at boats that are bigger than the one I have. My boat is great for the river, it has a jet drive outboard, can draft if a couple inches of water and bounce off of rocks without destroying the prop. My boats a little small for places like the lower potomac, where the wind and waves can beat it up, not to mention the wake from the ships that go by.

There are tons of boats listed for sale. Most of them usually have the price listed, but after that the listings very greatly. Some go in depth and have multiple photos, others have a blurry pic with a 3 word description.

Taking an average of these, most listings have a decent amount of info but the ones that go the extra mile and list all the pertinent information are the ones that I look at. It’s a pain in the ass to message the seller to find out what year the motor is, or if it comes with a trailer, or any of a number of other questions.

The problem is that these boats aren’t super unique or premium, they’re good and average, but that’s what I want, an average boat that works. If I did come across something awesome that I really wanted, sure I’d go the extra step and message with owner back and forth, but that’s not usually what happens.

So it makes me think that the people with the lazy listings probably don’t wanna sell their boats. I imagine that their spouses have mandated that they try and sell the boat, so they throw some half ass listing on facebook and are able to say with a straight face that they are attempting to get rid of the boat.  Whether this is the case or not, I imagine that the sell through rate for the crappy listings are super low in comparison to the listings that are vague and cause the buyer to make extra steps.

At this point you should know where I’m headed with this post. You’re more likely to sell domains to end users if you decrease the amount of steps for the buyer to obtain the name. This usually manifests itself as a buy it now listing, but there’s other a few other things that can slow the process.

The bottom line: for good,  average domains, that people want and need for their business, the easier the process the more domains you will sell.

Sometimes it’s like beating a dead horse talking about the same things, but when a real world example presents itself I think it’s worth looking at. Sometimes you need to hear something over and over for it to sink in.

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LUCKYCAMS.COM  All of these names are at auction and seem to have sites on them. I don’t know if the site comes with it, but maybe there’s traffic.

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The No Bid List  There used to be a service that would get you a cab for free is you were out drinking. It was a great idea, you’re out, you’re too drunk to drive, no problem you can get a free cab. I actually think they called it alert cab. Not sure if it still exists, maybe Uber and Lyft made it obsolete.  Tools for self assessment  A blockchain name, or a tarp to cover an actual block  The group that creates things  Healing for the spirit  prediction site  A gift service that sends you a random box of gifts.  Self development, forge yourself into something better  Garden expo is probably better, though adding the ing clearly makes it the verb and more geared to the actual process of gardening as opposed to an expo on actual gardens with the ambiguous word Garden, which could go either way.  a crypto type of name not your problem, mine  also sounds like some sort of crypto sort of thing  probably the most important form of safety. If you’re not safe yourself you can’t help anyone else  a name of perseverance  another one  just the facts with no spin  a lazy name  Something that boost the speed of healing  Need to flee the country and need a different passport? Try quick id’s  The source to find all the skills you need  Sounds like a great name for a knife or some other type of cutlery  Mine the sun  pretty good name for a site on changing style trends  The rulers of trade  Sounds like a Tv show. You build your own car

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