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Shane’s post yesterday highlighted for me the evolution in domaining that we often talk about generically, but fail to expound upon, other than “this is what companies want”. The idea is that brandable domains, be they keyword or made up, are more sought after than keywords. Well, to the degree that the keyword can’t be made into a good brand, but let’s not get lost in the weeds.

This concept affects our domain investing strategies in many ways, but most notable to me (in light of the context of Shane’s post) are the lack of metrics or normal valuation markers used to value or find, traditional keyword type domains.   

Using the examples from Shane’s post, Quazz, Comto, and SharkJuice there’s no discernable metric, that I can see anyway, other than length. Pronounceability is subjective and can’t easily be built into search filters, SharkJuice is only 2 syllables, but other than that I don’t think people are currently searching for it.

There’s still age to search by, but we all know or should know, that age only means that the domain has survived by living at a registrar that has an expired auction process, allowing the age to remain intact and therefore easier to find. Without the expired auction process, all of these names at expired auction would die and be reborn like their brethren who were “unfortunate” enough to live somewhere that allowed them to go through the complete domain lifecycle.

The point here and I think the main thing to take away, is that there are no objective data points that make these names valuable. Even length or number of syllables while not subjective, are limited in their ability to assign value to a domain. They’re like a bonus, and maybe an end user requirement, but they are not in themselves a qualifier.

Now if you’re still following along, we ask ourselves what does this mean? What are the implications of buying and selling domains that have no obvious metrics showing their value?

To me it means picking domains that someone might buy for their brand is more an art form than science.  The “science” that is involved is more abstract, like cultural trends, a broad knowledge base, linguistics, along with all kinds of other things like “brand modifier keyword” mindshare development.  

I just made that term up, but it has to do with something Drew R referred to in the last sherpa show. He highlighted a brandable with “Hero” in the name, citing that the term Hero is being made popular by other brands that use the term, therefore it could add value to other potential brands using that word. That’s what I’m calling “brand modifier keyword, mindshare development”.  I think he used as the example, but there are many others.

This can get confusing but remember I’m talking about keyword brandables not keyword domains. Quick review, would be the keyword domain (also a great “brand” but stay with me 🙂 ), is the keyword brandable, with the keyword Delivery being branded by the addition of the “brand modifier keyword”, Hero.

Another thing it means to me, is that there will be names that are mineable, that have to be found or even created that can have value. This style has a lot more risk and takes a lot more time, it also needs a more developed domain finding skillset and intuition.  If you don’t have the time or the ability, there’s nothing wrong with buying and selling the more obvious choices through auctions. You’ll pay more money per domain, but you’ll save money and time by not wasting it chasing BS domains.

Simply going by domain age let’s you quickly identify good names that will sell. It’s easier to find value not because of the age itself but because there is a higher density of older names that have value compared to names with a newer registration date. For example there are over 42K expired .com’s at auction ending Today at Godaddy. Of those 42K names only 3K of them were registered before 2011, with over 22K registered in 2017.

Pick your strategy, learn, grow and be able to pivot. If you find yourself peddling your hand caught or registered domains on Facebook or spend all of your time trying to sell them on namepros or even namejet and never sell them to end users, you’re doing it wrong.  


Click the links for current prices, most links are commissionable and fund the operation. a good name for online car sales  Maybe a tool for measurement conversion  Your own radar camera system. Set it up in front of your house and track speeders and then send them your own ticket lots of 8’s

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The No Bid List  Learn you letters with the help of the ABC squad All the tools you need for your bitcoin  be an individual, blaze your own trail  The amount of coins you need  Wasn’t this the slogan for a paint company? maybe it’s cover the earth.  Sounds like an edgy tattoo brand. I can only think of local applications for tattoo brands and I doubt they would pay much. Even with a quasi negative word I think it works for something like tattoos  Attack cats, or crazy cat lady finally being overrun  A tool to measure your domains, I’m thinking it collects data and tells you if you should renew or let expire  Get a job, or donate  When someone falls down, figuratively or literally you should help them up earn money mining crypto or regular old gold  There’s a few survival related domains on the list today. This one has a declarative motivational feel  A soccer site  Turn your empty land into something that makes you more money  A digital agency for social media promotion   find the answers to all the mysterys of the world.  one word shorter than the one above  The word strict makes me think of teachers when I was in elementary school. Someone would say, “she’s really strict” or “She’s not strict at all” That’s the circumstance that comes to mind for me anyway  An easy laid back, restful vacation type of name  If you fail to get rich quick maybe you need a process for success  I added these because it reminded be of getting rammed by a rowing crew on the Potomac in Georgetown  everyone’s protected sounds like a cool vessel made of the same stuff as spacecraft  all the things you need to know to survive, plants you can eat, building shelters, how much pee you can drink before it becomes toxic  an app that helps you design your next tattoo  The best of the tokens  Every thing you need for your stamp collection  Sounds like a baseball, basketball or soccer club  When it’s better to have none of something

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  1. I don’t think a better article can be written about such a difficult topic. It’s like trying to catch a fart in the wind. It’s definitely an art and Mike Berkens is the best at it and started doing it from the beginning really. I like Elliot Silver’s approach best these days. Get dotcom domains of colors, flowers, fruits – essentially any word a 5th grader can relate to. It’s expensive and some work but probably the safest bet in domaining.

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