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Recently I switched a bunch  of names that didn’t have pricing to pricing based off the Godaddy formula. It’s not the valuation amount, but coordinated to it. I didn’t do this because I thought it was some super awesome system, I did it because I’m lazy and didn’t have time to do through 15K unpriced names. I would have picked one price and priced them all the same.

The result has made me rethink my previous pricing strategy, while reinforcing my belief in the power of the BIN sale.

In the past I would have had a higher percentage of domains priced lower, anywhere from 199-999. I’m still convinced that this is a good strategy for a large number of names. What I’ve found using the new pricing system is names going for 2-3K that I would have sold for under 1k in the past.

Obviously I have no way of knowing how many sales I’m missing out on, but I think there is a certain range that the average to lower limit end user will pay.

Maybe I’ve been underselling a lot of names, but I’m not worried about it. This is not an exact science, there are numerous factors including luck at play. The only thing we can do is try things, learn from them and then adapt as needed.

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Main List

The No Bid List A name for patriots and people that like America  Learn what makes athletes successful by following their habits If you’re on the wrong path change it as soon as possible  A service that tracks your digital footprint for you or in an investigative role These guys know everything there is to know about diving, there name says they’re the Authority so it must be true  Need money and don’t have a job? Get an emergency job to pay the bills  A gossip and talk site  A name for a local or national company that deals with flood damage  A service that will get you anything you ned  Green waste collection  Travel safely, could be a site on travel safety tips, or safe travel gear  Make things better  Talk with your mind. No mouth needed  You only have to pay the minimum, nothing more  like a rest stop, you can relax and refuel  Don’t trade in your old car, strip it down and sell the parts  All the ingredients for a nice smile  Basically it’s just crap in a bag Get faster internet  A site with really good deals. It feels like you’re stealing everything  United we are stronger  Learn about tech stuff

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Godaddy Value BIN

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8 Replies to “IKE’S LIST OF DOMAINS AT AUCTION FOR Tuesday, August 7th”

    1. Ha! I don’t think I have any new GTLD’s or CCTLD’s anymore, Maybe a few here and there, but I’m not even sure what they are. Those 15K were just the ones I needed to price.

    2. Any play at a discounted GTLD would have been easy to price. I would just pick a sales price for them all like i did with the .us.

      If I still had that many non-selling GTLD’s I would have been broke months ago, paying the full price renewals.

    1. You can ask Afternic to run them through the Godaddy valuation tool. It produces a likely sales price and then a higher price, I can’t remember what it’s called. You shouldn’t rely on it and under normal circumstances you should go through and price the names yourself. I only used it because I was so far behind and felt like I was losing more money not having prices then the potential to lose money by significantly under pricing something. I seriously would have used a random number generator within a preset range just to get prices on them.

    1. Aaron no problem,
      So 15K was just a rough estimate of how many names I needed to price. I probably have twice that amount. I can’t tell you off the top of my head how many i sell, It’s a mix of retail and increasing wholesale through dropcatch, but that number isn’t important anyway.

      I don’t look at it in the sense of a “year” but rather a constant cycle. Many domainers shy away from a large number of domains and focus on super premium domains. My strategy has basically been the same over the last 5 years or maybe it’s better to say it’s evolved into what it is over that time. I go through the lists, pick up names and sell them. I’ve been bootstrapping it the whole time and increasing the amount of domains, not because I want a huge portfolio, but because I’ve been sticking with what works for me.

      The majority of the names are bought for reg fee or close to it, so there’s no need to renew a domain if it turns out I don’t like it or it doesn’t sell. I’m constantly letting them drop and upgrading or better yet liquidating names in auction that I would otherwise let drop.

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