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I’m not sure if I agree with Shane’s assessment that there is a declining amount of salable wholesale inventory. To clarify I agree with the overall concept that if more and more businesses are buying domains and branding that it stands to reason that less are available. As far as specific or daily lists go I don’t think it’s the overall case, probably more of a cyclical thing.

In the video that Shane posted from Paul at Godaddy, we find that the amount of retail inventory available to end users at an affordable level has risen sharply in the past few years. Godaddy has taken several large portfolios owned by domainers and priced them with reasonable buy it now prices. This concept has been talked about over and over again here at DSAD and pretty much every other platform.

When I started domaining this wasn’t the case. It was all about getting offers, negotiations. Take a look at Berkens style and portfolio that was sold to Godaddy. Mike Berkens talked often, in interviews or old Sherpa episodes about negotiations and demanding high prices. Nothing wrong with this approach because it worked for him and several others. The Domain King is famous for this. They made lots of money waiting for the right buyer to come along and pay premium prices.

It wasn’t all premium or super premium domains. Berkens was able to sell plain old good names that I would sell for $1999 and get $15-20K for them.

Today we have more efficient and broader aftermarket distribution networks. Godaddy owns the best aftermarket sales platform in the world. It makes complete sense for them to take this middle and higher end inventory, that previously had to be negotiated, and put buy it now prices. Not only did the buyer have to negotiate for these names, I’m convinced that the average person did not and still does not know how to find these type of names. Now with syndicated distribution to registrars and more specifically names put directly in the registration path, the stupidest person in the world can find them.

How does this affect the level of wholesale and auction names? I think that since these names are now in circulation there will be an inevitable trickle down to wholesale auctions. Businesses will let their domains expire, they’ll forget to renew or go out of business. All this stuff was locked up and now it’s been released to the world.

I’m backing up this argument with something I’ve been doing the last few days. I want to find unlisted good names, track down the owners and buy them like all the big time domainers do. So I’ve been randomly typing in words, phrases and anything I think might be a good domain, into the browser bar to see what comes up.

I even started doing this while reading, watching a video or listening to anything, so it’s completely random, no specific genre or word list to bias my results. I’ve been tracking anything that doesn’t resolve, redirects or goes to some crap site that hasn’t been updated in years.  I just take random words and phrases that are being spoken, words that are being used in everyday life. Most of them are registered but don’t resolve to anything. Only a small percentage go to a for sale landing page, and a smaller percentage are actually built out. This makes me think that there is still so many good names out there that are not being used, and that will eventually cycle back around.

I also think that while the Godaddy pricing tool provides a metric to further evaluate or consider a name there are too many people relying on it and buying junk. There are good names that will sell to someone at some point that slip through maybe because we put too much faith in tools or maybe because we just don’t have the time to find them.

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The No Bid List  the person you look up to, helps you get into the action with guidance and advice  Things that make you think  They know everything there is to know about antique values  Make sure your ticker is working like it should  The authority in comparing different things  Call for insurance help  Get ahead of the competition with the cute edge  the site that knows all about the economy  Where you keep all the files that the family can see. You don’t put the ones you want secret in this folder  A fresh food brand  Find new employees that are reliable  AC or a coolness makeover  Sees everything   I’d like to learn to play Track your meals  Get rid of bad memories or turn them into something fun  release the ninja inside of you  Help paying off loans  family photos that last. Or maybe an app that makes you look a different age  don’t be a baby  Use it to cut through solid rock  A site that helps you run your own league, or a group of runners that team up and form a league  yes that was very nice  fits everything

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More Names With No Bids



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Godaddy Value BIN

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9 Replies to “IKE’S LIST OF DOMAINS AT AUCTION FOR Tuesday, February 5th”

  1. Josh,

    We agree completely. I think available domain inventory to buy is doing well and has actually increased over the years just like you said. It’s expiring names that are decreasing. There’s no way to get that to increase unless newGs become valuable.

    1. It’s not that the available domain inventory has increased but, like Josh said, that inventory is now much more accessible to the general public in that what used to cost $20K-30K from Berkens is now $3K-5K from Godaddy. Those domains in time will have a higher chance of going to expiry than before. It’s cyclical as Josh said.

      I think Josh and Drew Rosener are two of the best thinkers in the industry. You always feel like you just got some fresh and in depth insight from listening or reading them.

  2. Josh, IMO- Buying unlisted names and even old sites not have not been touched for years is the best way for sure. This method takes much more time and work but it is worth it.

    I would say 80% of these type of owners have no idea of an aftermarket nor do they have an escrow account set up. This is what you want.

    I was at namescon and someone asked me if I was going to the auction. Hell-no, your going against the best in the world and tons of other people which with huge budgets. I mean you mean have 1 or 2 that slip buy in the aftermarket but it’s rare.

    Much more easy to find a private buyer with only one person bidding as opposed to 1000s like at an auction or auction/clearing house. It is more time consuming for sure but worth it at the end.

  3. Josh,
    What I learnt is ,when you list on afternic with a BIN it shows your price and also other alternatives so buyer trends to want to buy cheaper because he sees others. When I get offers for my names listed on afternic,I delete names from there incase buyer goes to search on registrars thinking they can get it cheaper. I Just turned down three thousand dollars for a name I was expecting five figures for ,the kind of names Berkens and FS sell for 5 figures.I think when most domainers realise a good pronounceable dictionary word in other languages have values then we won’t buckle.I see some names sell for low 4 figures when the top domainers aim for 5 figures so why dont we have what the end user needs and let them know they are investing on good name to build their business .2019,not selling any short names for less than low 5 figures up.Just look at dotweekly to figure out what FS sell weekly .

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