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(disclaimer: You should not steal domains. Article titles on DSAD are poor attempts at entertainment only.)

I found out a fun and frightening fact yesterday. With the new transfer process that doesn’t require an FOA, authorization email, you could potentially have your domains transferred away if you aren’t paying attention.

I received a few emails from Godaddy in Chinese for a domain that I sold 6 months ago. I ignored them at first, but then opened them out of curiosity. The only thing I recognized in the first email was the 2 English word domain.

I figured it had something to do with renewals or any one of the routine emails that Godaddy sends en mass. I sent it to my account rep asking him to reach out to the owners and have them change the whois information.

I searched some more and found the unlock email and then the auth code for the domain which included the account number. I messaged my account rep again, letting him know that they sent me the authorization code.

I was tempted to transfer the name myself just to see if I could get it to go through. Obviously I wasn’t going to steal the domain, but I really wanted to find out if there were any checks and balances in place that would have stopped me from moving the domain to one of my accounts at another registrar. It seems a little crazy that it would be that easy.

Obviously we should all check and make sure our whois information is correct. I want to know why the hell that whois information didn’t change automatically? I never know, usually that info will change when it goes into my account, at least with auction domains. is another place where it’s hit or miss whether the whois changes to my information. If anyone knows if there’s some process let us know.

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The No Bid List  Noah’s Ark straight out of Genesis. Like a zoo but on a boat.  Something to do with Crypto  Should be illegal… Great you took corn to make ethanol to add to petrol, just to ruin plastic parts in fuel systems. Well, plastic is made out of oil, so now more oil is being used when I buy replacement parts for my small engines. It’s a zero sum gain. I really have no idea, I do know it causes problems. A hiking name, travel by trail. Could be snow mobiling, or “sleds”  for businesses that get many calls and need to prioritize and respond to them.  A name for a business that comes in a cleans out all your junk. Crisis adds a sense of urgency and magnitude to the job  If you eat too much fish you might take in a poisonous dose of heavy metals. Get it out with a detox.  Photos, videos… Or this idea, Ever make it on TV for a brief period of time and later try and find the video online? Maybe years later? This service somehow tracks and keeps records of all news video’s, sports events, using facial recognition tech to find the video you were in. Then you can brag to all your friends.  No idea how you monetize this idea. I doubt people will spend much money for old news reels with their face in it.  Flip houses, domains, anything, by knowing the secret  Gems, precious stones. Better than Jewells because no one can spell it right.  Your guide to having fun  Something happened that sucked, we all get it. Now it’s time to move on. An education in Green things  The classic line for the would be comedian. I’m “here all week” folks, stop in again for more laughs  All the things you need to get water to your plants  Get a job fast  make your life prosperous and full to the brim of life  Loses with the S, but someone will buy it  Find the right place to stay on your next vacation  A lot better without the ing,but hey it’s a crypto name  A load for dire emergencies. The plane is going down, the ship is sinking, a firefighter is trapped in a burning building. That’s how bad you need this loan  Up close look at mining  The gentleman  that makes the art  Look! Shane Grows and sells these  When you need to focus, like in a library  Keeps bugs away and doesn’t poison you  Sounds like a plumber name, maybe a skater  A credit rehab agency, or credit addiction help. If you have a problem, call these guys  Knows how to sell anything  Sell slides, or a product or game  No need to go fast  A pretty good chain name with no bids

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