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IKE’S LIST OF DOMAINS AT AUCTION FOR Tuesday, Saturday September 8th

I filed a response to the UDRP that I talked about a few weeks ago. It really didn’t take that long, I just used the form that was provided by the provider.

If it was a more important or expensive name I probably would have taken more time, proof read and given more thought out answers. But as it wasn’t I responded to the ridiculousness and basically chastised the complainant for trying to steal something of mine.

I’ll let everyone know the outcome good or bad, and go through the whole process when it’s all over. Maybe it’ll help someone respond to their own UDRP in the future.

One thing that it reminds me of is the complete lack of understanding that the general public has regarding anything having to do with domains. He didn’t seem to understand that I list everything for sale and that is how my business works, that I don’t track down failed business idea’s hoping they might someday have a phoenix style revival.

Besides not having the time to do that, it seems like a crazy losing strategy. I want domains in industries and brands that have a future, not ones that have already failed.

Have a great weekend. Enjoy the weather, I think it’s supposed to rain here again. Last week was the first time I had the option to mark my self “safe” on facebook. The county had a few storm cells that stalled out and produced flash flooding. Lucky for me the flooding didn’t start till about 5 miles to the east. It’s been a wet summer, I think it’s rained more this year than any other year I can remember.  Stay dry


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The No Bid List  When you’re calling out someone on their bluster and lack of action  There’s a microbrew somewhere named this, and no, apple juice is not Ale get rid of the fake facade and be who you are  Lot’s of food or food for large animals  Blockchain insurance  I can see this as a call to action type name, maybe interest rates. “Call today and claim your low rate or go to”  Sounds like a youtube channel on Do it Yourself videos   Better than doing you wrong  Fixes up your old trailer  Never gives up  alludes to the idea that you can be happy without money, I’m good being poor  Stop talking and go sit down, nobody cares about your problem  That giant moon every once in a while, is it a blue boon or a blood moon?  It’s a super moon, I looked it up  When you classify someone based on what they’re famous for, “Shane Cultra of Domain Fame”  Real estate options, or deals with a variety of choices  A product that makes loud children quiet, like benadryl  Communist Lobbyists  Bring back the truth. Restoring suggest it’s a work in progress, not instantaneous  Shocking news site  sweat to something with gusto  Look up times, could be races or something else

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More Names With No Bids



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