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I’m Addicted to Anything That Makes My Heart Beat Faster But I Couldn’t Take This

Type A personalities are always looking for excitement.  I’ve met a million other guys like me, they are addicted to anything that gives them a rush. Whether it’s skydiving, gambling, winning at anything, and unfortunately for some, drugs.  I’m driven to the excitement of money and fortunately skipped over the drug part but had to beat the gambling part.  As I watch this video  (Safe for Work) I get that rush that I occasionally seek but have matured enough to avoid.  It scares me to frickin death.  I’m not even there and my heart is racing and my palms are sweating.  Let me know if you get the same feeling.

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6 Replies to “I’m Addicted to Anything That Makes My Heart Beat Faster But I Couldn’t Take This”

  1. Holy Cow! My stomach was doing crazy butterflies just watching that kid stand up! I have bungee jumped over 175 feet but I would NEVER have the balls, or stupidity, to do that.

  2. Yes I had to pause the video because I could not watch the walk out on the beam. Some people are crazy. I’ve been lead rock climbing and done tons of crazy stuff but when its not my I get scared for the person.

  3. I’ve never watched a video before that made my body do that — other than throwing up all over myself, my body did exactly what it would have if I were really on that tower — sweaty palms, increased heart rate, weak knees. What a wild video.

    I’m much more content to pursue the thrill of making money than tempting fate by walking on a thin beam 900 feet above ground.

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