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Wednesday’s Daily Domain Auction and Drop Picks From Around the Net

Before I get to the list I would like to remind you that if you have a question about domains feel free to email me but even better, go to  Click the banner right above this and ask away. I’ve always gotten good advice there and instead of just me or one person answering, you get several opinions.  Now onto today’s names. How does one of the best players in the NBA not have somebody watching out for him?  Somebody buy this and give it too him. I like it because it’s 4 letter and has age (1997) Others will like it because of it’s cool “seagull” sounding name. I’m really not sure if there are such things as online concerts but I soon will if this gets developed. No bidders so it won’t cost much Another one of those 5Ls that I would have gotten for $50 a few years ago and now it has 40 bidders. 13 years old and still at a pretty good price for this nice name.  Simple and tough sounding No bids, DMOZ listed, easy to say and spell,  and 1999 Birthday.  Not a bad deal for $70 Nice name for a company that builds out geo sites. At $500 and will probably end up closer to $1000 Sounds dirty but interesting The three letter dot nets seem to go for less at Godaddy.  Maybe they get lost in the shuffle I figure most people will buy this as a typo of Zynga but it’s a nice name unto itself.

Since it’s not the greatest list you may want to find your own at

Domain Spotlight:

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