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Incredible. Reddit Traffic for December…35 million Uniques…2 Billion Pageviews

 The numbers are pretty impressive.  Ever since Digg dug their own grave, Reddit has taken over the Internet and has become THE source of unusual, informative, or just plain crazy links.  It’s made Conde Nast look like geniuses when they bought the site. Look at these stats from the month of December

  1. 2,065,237,338 pageviews
  2. 34,879,881 unique visitors
  3. 12.97 pages / visit
  4. 16 minutes average time on site
  5. Over 100 million monthly pageviews per employee


The last stat is a business owners dream.  One hundred million page views PER employee.  And they did all of it after selling out to the man, Conde Nast.  According to Reddit owners, here’s what they didn’t do

Here’s a list of things we don’t (and won’t) do for traffic:
  1. We don’t get traffic through ads.
  2. We don’t participate in any traffic trading.
  3. We don’t email our users (unless they choose to enter an email and then forget their password).
  4. We don’t harass users to sign up.
  5. We don’t harass users to invite their friends.
  6. We don’t pester you to download our app.
  7. We don’t use slideshows and other pageview gimmicks.
  8. We don’t know anything about SEO.
  9. We don’t integrate with Facebook.
  10. We don’t even link to our Facebook or twitter accounts.

I think the real key to the rise in traffic is how they keep out the spam.  The spam settles to the bottom and never gets seen.  The way they do it is brilliant.  They never tell you that you’re spam, they just have a moderator mark you and the only one that ever sees your domain or your submissions is you.  It’s brilliant.  Your blackballed but you don’t even know you’re blackballed.  You just think you are unpopular.  Never part of the billions of outlink traffic.  I don’t see these numbers going down anytime soon but there is certainly opportunity for another site to be built just on the spill over that think the site is too crowded.

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