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Adam Dicker Announces He’s Starting a New Domaining Blog: Now Hiring Writers

Looks like we are all going to have some new competition in the domain blog industry. And I may be losing a writer.  Adam Dicker announced tonight that he is paying writers up to $20 per story.  Here is his description of the project

Next week we will be launching a domain industry blog.

I am looking for writers to write about:

Current events in our industry
New companies in our industry
New products in our industry
New services in our Industry
New / current tools people could use in our industry.
reviews of companies, products or services.
CCTLD and TLD related stuff.
ICANN related stories.
Juicy TRUE industry gossip will be permitted, but make sure it’s factual.
General stuff people in our industry would like to know about.

It could just be your thoughts or feelings about something related to our industry.

Basically Anything related to the domain/internet industry/technology.

No slanderous or libelous articles will be approved and/or published.
Anything factual will be permitted.

Post in here if interested and areas you feel you could discuss.
I am looking for 20 long term authors.

You will be given an author sign-up link by Monday if approved.

Adam Dicker

It will be interesting to see what happens when someone tries the TechCrunch approach to domain blogging.  I would also like to announce I am looking for one more writer but pay much much less.  I do take pride in the work atmosphere which is very laid back and the annual Holiday party is off the hook.  Please see Chris for my references but please don’t tell him about Dicker’s job openings.  So what do you think. Will the project succeed?


Link to the announcement

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4 Replies to “Adam Dicker Announces He’s Starting a New Domaining Blog: Now Hiring Writers”

  1. Perhaps you were just being polite. It sounds like the demand media approach if you ask me. Five blogs on are already reporting on every news story and udrp decision. Three good blogs could cover this whole “industry”. 20 hacks cranking out content is not going to be much competition.

  2. This could work well, especially if Adam has an editor overseeing the submissions for original type content. The new companies in the industry is a good idea as well as maybe covering all the various events that occur within the industry. I know of a few new companies in the space that no one has written about plus there are a lot more out there that are involved in in some capacity or another.
    Either way it’ll be good for the industry and I love how Adam is always willing to try different things and see how they play out overtime.
    There is plenty of room in the domain industry for more newsletters or blogs. Just look at the amount that exist within the equity, option and commodity marketplaces. At the end of the day, it only makes the industry larger as it attracts more people to learn about and become more involved with domains.

  3. I think it’s great and wish Adam success with the project. Blogs come and go – just like any business there is always change. And if some bloggers stop writing, it’s nice that fresh ones pop up with new perspectives.

  4. Blogging is personality, opinion and expertise in an area. Good luck hiring people to write news stories and regurgitation of press releases Like Mike said everyone writes the same stuff over and over already.
    Didn’t Dicker write a few months back something about you shouldnt be blogging about domains unless you make $500k a year in the domain space ? Change of heart ?

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