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It’s People Like Anthony David That Make Me Appreciate Domaining

It started out as a simple email from a guy with two first names.  “Shane, do you have any advertising space left?”.  Anthony is from DnJuice and is trying to promote his expiring domain section.  While I always appreciate a new advertiser there was one thing that made me appreciate him and this industry.  He said he would take the spot but then pointed out a few things on my site that he wanted to fix for me.  Not for a fee but just to make the site look better.

He could of done it for a myriad of reasons.  He wanted the site to look better to display his ad on a more professional looking site.  He could have done it to get a free ad.  He might have been looking to drum up business.  But he didn’t.  He did it to be nice.  He said the RSS Feed button was dropping on some browsers and he didn’t like the way the past posts and recent comments centered up.  A guy that had obviously created websites and was a perfectionist.  It went a step further, I couldn’t find my FTP info to give to him and had to get into work.  I gave him a temp password to my account and he gathered the data needed.  He didn’t get a chance to do it today because his staff is on a different time zone but I am still appreciative, even before the fact.  It’s class moves like this that make me really appreciate all the good people in domaining.

Francois gets a bad rap for his micro control of but he has been incredible generous to me.  Trading services and advice on a continuing basis.  I always email him if his posts don’t come across in English as he though it would and in return he gives me a headline, sends me leads, and in general just returns the favor. It’s how it should work.  People helping each other.  We’re all in this to make money but there are times we can help each other out to make more money later.

And finally there’s people like Adam Strong.  He and I have a lot in common.  Similar ages, both live in Central Illinois, both strikingly handsome but in different ways.  I had a few business situations that were unfamiliar to me and I knew he’d been there done that.  Even on his busy schedule he calls me and discusses my options.

It’s all these kinds of things that make me truly enjoy being a part of it.  Sure all industries will allow you to make friends and confidants but there’s something special about this one.  The Internet business and domaining is worldwide.  Your friends and business associates stretch from one end of the earth to the other.  Among all the spam and the scams are people like the above that make it much more pleasant for me.

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8 Replies to “It’s People Like Anthony David That Make Me Appreciate Domaining”

  1. I owned for a short period in 2009. It eventually wound up in another domainer’s hands before going to David.

    Small world 🙂

  2. A lot of great people in the domain space for sure who have no problem with helping for just helping. A great feeling!

    By “dropping” does he mean how the Big Jumbo ad is riding on top of the RSS section about 1/4 way? It does that in Firefox for me, but today is the only time I noticed it.

    There is a blue pixel mid screen on the right as well. Not sure what that is.

  3. Nice one. It’s definitely a great reminder of how wonderful networking and making affiliates in your field is. Some people tend to be selfish and think of themselves more and create that sense of exclusivity when there’s really more for them when they learn to reach out and expand their connections. This is nice. I hope to make more connections in my fields too – that includes domaining 😀

  4. by business situations , did you mean the late night collect call I got from the LA county sherrif’s office ? 😉

    thanks. Appreciate your perspective as well brotha.

  5. Thanks Shane, its like a huge thanks for a small favor. I feel very honored. We finished the tweaks on the site. If you run into any other little bugs in the future just let me know and I will get them sorted out.

  6. @Chef, I never knew that. I’m guessing Mauro bought it from you then. Props to Mauro Correia for the original design of dnjuice, whom I purchased it from.

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