Tuesday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

Mar 01 2011

One thing you’ll notice about my lists.  I like aged domains.  Aged domains aren’t necessarily better domains but Google likes older domains and for some reason I feel like if they were taken way back then when people had a huge choice of names, it says something. I don’t know exactly what,  but it says something.  Take a look at today’s names.

Atli.com A place in Turkey and a 1996 registered 4 letter dot com.  Nice name with the Turkey bonus thrown in

NorthCounty.com Geo in the San Diego area and many more places.  2300 searches and all major extensions taken. 1996 domain

LittleDragon.com Many uses for this one, especially in the kids niche.  1998 domain

FlyingDragon.com If you’re going to have a little dragon you might as well have a flying one to go with it.

4376.com Anything without a 4 in it has been reaching pretty solid numbers.  This should be between 600 and $900

CreditScoreReport.net I’m terrible at monetizing these domains but if you are this one has 1900 searches and a $13+ CPC

Lowtimes.com High Times is for potheads and Low Times can be for meth heads

MisTreatment.com Ambulance chaser laywers are loving this one.  2002 domain

FishingPoles.org Great name even in the dot org

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