Knowing the Two Letter Codes of Chinese Cities Will Help Make You Money: Here They Are

Nov 21 2015

The alpha numeric two letter codes of Chinese cities are desired. Its why you see JS and SS as the first two letters selling for more money than other names. Its why you see JS5387 sell for $500 plus.  This chart I found does as good of a job listing the two letter city code for each major city as well as population size to give you an idea of which ones may be more popular.  Many people are buying 5L.coms using these city codes as the first two letters.  I haven’t really used the codes in my name purchasing but after looking at it I can definitely see some correlation in sales prices of some names.  Especially BJ and JS.



Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 6.29.07 PM


Courtesy of Statoids

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  1. Leon

    Interesting, thanks Shane.

    Where did you see the JS5387 sale by the way?
    It will be even more interesting to see if the city code prefixes do really have any significance as an indicator of value in the long run. If so, it could be another good factor in separating the wheat from the millions of 5L chaff.
    Perhaps city code and repeating patterns will be super valuable eg or

    Just so difficult to see if we’ll see the same rally as we have in 4Ls.

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