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If you were looking for legal advice, what would you type in?

Running a business on a keyword domain name is one thing, but to own a name that is a common term, perfect for the industry, and rolls off the tongue is quite another. There are certain words or phrases that come to mind in different professional circles and rise to the top. “Legal Advice” is one of those. David Reischer in an attorney and CEO at Their mission is to provide consumers with access to expert legal advice to help solve legal problem no matter one’s personal situation.

Mike: David, what originally sparked your interest in becoming a lawyer?

David: Early in my life I had seen my family struggle with legal problems that created a lot of stress and anxiety for my family. I remember my mother representing herself pro se in a holdover action with our landlord. I attended law school in 1997 with the hope that one day I would be able to help other people that had legal problems. Later on I would visit the courthouse in downtown Brooklyn and sit for hours listening to the attorneys making their legal arguments before a judge. It fascinated me to hear attorneys for both sides making arguments so as to persuade a judge to rule in their favor. Oftentimes I would listen to the lawyers making their argument and think to myself whether the argument was persuasive or not and try to predict how the judge would decide. It was always interesting to me to see how a judge would apply the rule of law when making a decision and how he or she arrived at their decision.

Mike: Tell us more about and what you offer.

David: is an online platform that allows people looking for legal information and advice to speak with an attorney, locate an attorney or read articles on various legal topics. We are hoping later this year to hire several legal writers to produce regular content for our new content library and newsletter. It actually has taken a bit more time than originally anticipated to find expert writers for a diverse range of legal topics. We are getting closer to having on staff a team of regular writers to publish interesting articles on accident law, bankruptcy, family law, personal injury and much more. Stay tuned…


Domain Legal Advice


Mike: How did you become involved in

David: In 2012 I became a partner at with my brother who is also a practicing lawyer. Originally my brother had acquired the domain name as part of a plan to market our law firm. I had the idea that the domain name would be better used in a different capacity, and I was able to persuade my brother to alter his original plans.


Mike: An amazing name. Can you talk about how much the company paid to acquire the name?

David: Unfortunately, I am unable to discuss the exact dollar amount of the domain name purchase price because it is subject to a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Mike: You were an attorney at what looks to be your own firm for over 15 years before getting involved in Have you always had the entrepreneurial itch?

David: I have always had the passions of entrepreneurship running in my bloodstream. When I was a teenager, I was involved very early on in various business projects. I would buy old antiques and collectibles and sell them for quite a nice profit. I have always felt that it is important to be completely self-sufficient and not be dependent on another to survive. Although I have worked in bigger sized law firms, I have never been happier than when I am self-employed.

Mike: With every great keyword domain name comes what is known as “type in traffic,” where users simply type in the domain name to see if it’s what they are looking for. Do you have an idea of how much of your traffic is type-in? Can you share your overall monthly traffic numbers?

David:  A decent sized portion of our traffic is indeed direct “type in traffic” but we also receive significant amount of traffic from our SEO efforts and referral traffic from other legal websites.

Mike: Your resume lists you as CEO and Founder at Can you talk more about this?

David: is our sister operation that works in conjunction with our law firm to give back to the community. I have always had a very strong desire to give back to the community and we have developed a referral system with various attorneys for providing free legal assistance to people in need. We typically right now offer our pro bono legal services mostly on immigration matters and to victims of domestic abuse but as our legal clinic acquires more attorney participation, we hope to expand our pro bono legal services to other areas of law.

Mike: Is owning a keyword domain like enough to run a successful business? What have your experience shown you to date?

David: A keyword domain like has been helpful to our bottom line but also and maybe more importantly it has allowed us to reach clients that otherwise would have no access to affordable legal services. The domain name has helped brand us as a leader in the online legal services space that without the domain name would have been impossible to achieve.



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4 Replies to “If you were looking for legal advice, what would you type in?”

  1. Nice peak into how lawyers think about online marketing. I don’t think many lawyers are as technically-savvy as Mr. Reischer though

    There’s a local lawyer here with the name that he plasters all over billboards. Great play by him. I wonder how much he paid for it!

    1. @Page Clinic – Ageed!! I have seem similar billboards and I always think to myself the a memorable domain name beats the hell out of a phone number every time.

  2. i always goto google
    then i skip the google ads and click on the top 3 search results.
    But that’s me,
    but i think the average joe will also goto google but most likely click on one of the top 3 google ads.
    I think good domain names help with repeat customers and also google rankings.

    1. @Anunt, great point as well. I typically Google for my results and I am probably a little more prone to typing in domain names than most people…. but there are people who do it. Even if no one did, it’s a memorable name and damn good for business as you mentioned.

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