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I just read another article about the college pay for play scandal or whatever they’re calling it. This one was about how one of the accused actress/parents could do 20 years for the crime of bribing their kids way a prestigious college and money laundering. My first thought is who the hell would pay that much extra money for an education that’s already overpriced? Why even send the kids to college, I’m sure you could skip all that nonsense and just buy them a degree, probably a little more expansive but think of all the time they’d save.

Then there’s the magnitude of damage that it has done  to the “students”, and I have trouble believing that the students didn’t know about it.  Maybe not right away in today’s “I’m entitled to everything” culture, but eventually they’re going to feel like a piece of crap, knowing that they didn’t do it based on any of their own merit, but rather on Mommy and Daddy’s guilt for ignoring them when they were small children.

But my most prevalent thought on the whole thing, is “What a wasted opportunity for the schools”. You had these middle men making money selling this product of guaranteed admission. The schools should just auction off a few dozen spots to the highest bidder and take the middle man out of the equation. These overpriced institutions of higher learning are getting tax money in one form or another, so instead, they could generate extra revenue by selling the spots. You think anyone would give a shit if they found out some clown spent an extra million bucks to go to the same school they attend? I doubt it, they would just laugh and say, what an idiot.

I actually think that at least part of the high tuition fees have nothing to do with costs but that they’re more of a entry control point. Sure they give grants and scholarships to certain students, but only to those that the gatekeepers allow in. It reminds me of a post I did a couple years ago about the .car and .cars NGTLD’s.  I compared those high priced extensions to the price of beer at any given bar.  They set the price based on the type of clientele they want patronizing their establishment, and if they have PBR on tape they’re saying “we accept anyone  with a pulse”.  High priced universities are not serving PBR.

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