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Looking for Plant Domain Names

It’s what I do.  Grow plants.  From Hostas to Maples, I grow plants for a living.  My family started the business in 1865 and I’m the fifth generation to do so. Each generation had their “thing” that took them to the next level.  Mine was building a plant name catalog to be used in the future (that a building a re-wholesale business). I didn’t get in quite as soon as I wanted but it costs money to buy good names and I was hesitant to spend too much on a name.  It’s hard to buy a name for 10K when I can get two acres of ground to grow plants on that will generate a 100K in two years.  I’ve since pulled the trigger and have built a pretty good catalog.

I’ve concentrated on dot coms but have hand registered many dot nets because at the time they were still available and I can make my $8 back in a month.  I even registered my first .me, The great thing about plant names is I have so many pictures and information to fill the sites.  Things I have to gather for work easily can be put on the web.  I could write articles for 10 years straight and could fill every domain name I have with articles.  Most importantly, I already grow the plants that the domain name represents, so I will eventually be able to offer that product for sale.  As I prepare for the big launch, I am looking for a few more good plant names.  Nothing obscure, it must be a plant I grow in the Midwest and is hardy here.  No tropicals, plants native to New Guinea, or long tail keyword plant names.  Feel free to email or leave them in the comments.

PS I need a fair priced designer skilled at wordpress to help build a custom site for a few of these domains.

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  1. Bachelors / Button / com

    A drought tolerant annual, native to Europe, which has naturalized throughout North America. The upper half of the plant is multi-stemmed, producing many flowers. Leaves are covered with small white hairs causing the plant to have a blue-gray appearance. The original flower color is blue, but it is now available in white, pink and red. Prefers full sun in various soil types. An outstanding performer whether your preference is for cutting or admiring.

  2. I have a name, do you like it?
    Good screening plant, grown in Virginia, Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma

  3. 🙂 is now open for registration, Flower and gardens sounds like it would be nice to see what flower looks good in what garden type site selling your flowers and plants…..its had past owners and id say snatch it up ,

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