The Thursday Morning 7 Links

Nov 12 2009

I would like to thank everyone who have stopped by.  I hit 2000 uniques so far this week which is already a new high.  Not quite the 100K a week of my old but just getting the feel of everything.  I’ve had a year layoff and I’m getting the rust out of my brain.  I’ll find my way.  Until then, enjoy the 7 links

Online advertising has stopped falling, whew

If you like creative and unique, you’ll love this clock was the top online store for Halloween costumes.  Ahhhh a nice generic name.  Rick Schwartz would be proud

If you have a half hour to spend, take a look at this great compilation of iconic photos

The ultimate gift for the internet geek. A Web Trend Map poster

Can anyone loan me $150,000 I need to buy this domain.   I promise I’ll pay you back

Fred Wilson and his company, Union Square Investments, is doing pretty well.  Look at the companies he’s invested in

One bonus link:  Make sure to read the Rich Schwartz Interview over at IDN Blog

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      A few days ago. Everyone in their mother uses something similar to this so I wouldn’t worry about anyone being confused. I plan on customizing it so no worries.

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