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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Wednesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on November 20th, 2013

Yesterday I thanked Namejet for joining the DomainShane team and today I would like to thank MediaOptions.  Andrew, Tess and I have done business together the last few years and undoubtedly MediaOptions has become THE domain name broker in this industry.  Most of their sales never become public but a simple glance at their site lets you know that they move millions in domains each year.  As a testament in his ability to choose good assets,  when he expanded his company he chose Tess Diaz to help in that expansion.      Probably the best acquisition his company has made so far.  I don’t want to get greedy after all the recent sponsorships but I forgot I do have ONE more sponsorship left.  It’s the top left banner of the site.  Once I fill that I’m done.  Yesterday’s sponsor let me add some help to write more content (daily and weekly sales list).  This last sponsorship is going to site redesign and to buy a new dog.  If you’d like to see either and would like to work with all the fine people at domainshane let me know.  Here are today’s names.   16 years old.  Sold for $3500 plus in 2008  The starting bid is $5K and I think this is absolutely worth it.  I am seriously thinking of buying it.  Sounds like a hip new company already  A value buy under $50 IMO  Get the domain investing joint venture out of your mind.  Think Silicon Valley  If you like “the” names like I do you’ll like this at this price   Like Facebook except you drop the book and add the drop.  No bidders  A decent brand for $10.  8 years old  The Chinese love these short names.  Even in dot cc  Again a Chinese numerology domain.  One of the better words to use with info.  Exactly what the tld represents. Finding info  Every single kid carries a bookbag. My name.  Set up a store and then lost my Amazon affiliancy because I live in the shitty state (government wise) of Illinois.  The first bid will meet reserve and be a third of what I paid for it

Backorder Domains   Add the P and take off $100K as compared to  Since solar is alternative energy I extrapolate that this is a good name  I feel like I’ve already been there.  An upgrade for someone  It’s going to cost you a lot more than that I recommended the other day.  That didn’t get a bid at $10  Bitcoin gambling may be here soon. Of course just owning bitcoin is gambling right now

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  1. Your link for NameJet goes to a Wish List item, I’m pretty sure it was (typo) and I think the auction might have already started.

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