Michael Marcovici Has Tons of Great Names: Why Does His Company Nameless, Have to Resort to This?

Oct 23 2013

If you haven’t heard of Michael Marcovici, he is the founder of the Domain Developers Fund and a site called Nameless.com.  He obviously a brilliant person and watching the returns and moves of the fund has been very interesting and informative.  But my view of them changed drastically when I received an email.  It’s an email regarding a domain that is expiring today, CVCV.com.  I think the email is VERY deceiving, almost making it seem as if they are selling the domain when they are merely trying to catch it like everyone else.  Here’s the email.  Tell me if you think it’s spammish and scammish.

Cameron Anderson [email protected]>


I saw there was a lot of activity on the auction page for cvcv.com over the last few days and I was thinking one of the visitors may have been you.


Many of our customers visit the order page but delay putting in a bid because they don’t fully understand the process.  Fortunately, the process is very simple.


The minimum bid to get into the auction is $49, but please keep in mind there are other parties and the goal is to outbid, not tie them.  To be safe, the “Buy it Now” price is $995 and this will close the auction to other bidders.   This price is a onetime fee; there are no other costs such as taxes or hidden fees.  You will just renew the domain each year with the registrar of your choice at normal costs.


To bid, reply to this email with your bid amount, email me directly at [email protected], or call me at my number below.  Please be sure to include the name of the domain in the email as well.


Thank you and have a great day.

Cameron A

Sales Executive


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  1. Mike Hawley

    Most spammers use fake names, I guess these guys don’t care about their rep. It would be nice if this post outranked them in the SERPs

  2. Bob

    There’s been a LOT more emails like this circulating lately. The spammers that put these out seem to fade in and out like the tide. I wonder how many of their programs have enough success to make the effort worthwhile.

    If it worked so good – wouldn’t we see more?? Hard to say. I’ve even received a few similar ones that were based on unregistered names! Pretty bad!

    I probably wouldn’t mind so much if they were good names, but most are pure pigeon droppings!!

  3. Tim Davids

    if I get it right they are watching how many people go to the order page. That’s more worrisome than a spammy email.

  4. Chris Nielsen

    I just got a message from them again today. Seems they have stepped up their holiday season marketing. Ya’ll should do what I do with all messages like this: Report it as spam. Just make sure they domain they are selling get’s reported as well so if they are brokering the name for someone else that they get notified of the abuse.

    Sure, they are not selling drugs or poorn, but it’s still spam even if the domain is worthless junk…!

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