Monday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 6-18-12

Jun 18 2012

Finally a strong group of names on the boards today.  Plenty to choose from and a few of them are a good place to spend your Father’s Day money.  You didn’t get cash for Father’s day? Was under $5000 at press time so still under what most are going for lately. What my wife’s parents said she was doing when she married me I have sold three touch, tap, or swipe domains in the last few years for $1-$2K each. Bargain at this price Go plus verbs do OK but if this is worth $700 (current bid) then Strong’s is worth $700K plus.  I think every town has a builder or contractor with this name   I like it because of the G for group  I’ve taken a few trips there at night right before bed.  The worst time eat dessert but I can’t help it.  Ice Cream and pie are my weakness.  Nice simple, defining, and a 16 year old name Used to be a search engine.  Lots of links and history  The name of the sleazy boy band manager of bands like N’Sync and BackStreet Boys that bilked investors out of millions of dollars.  In prison.  Fansite?  Fansite?  These three letter names seem like poor letters but I think the Asian market will like them.  CVCVs are guaranteed $1500 plus  even this one  I hate the bird, like the name  Somebody dropped.  I’ll guess and say it goes for $800  You’re going to have a to beat out all the Tanya’s on this one  The world’s worst Lighting shop name.  Great gag site possibility  I would love to have the plural but even singular is good because people in pain will click anything hoping to find something that will make it go away

If you’d rather just hand register something you’re in luck because Godaddy just put out a new .99 cent coupon. Just go Here

and the code is


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