Monday’s Big List of Domains At Auction or Dropping Around the Net 2-13-12

Feb 13 2012

Had another great weekend.  Continuing to add plants to the websites to get them ready for the spring rush.  Already had more visits in February to each plant site than last year and we’re not even half way through.  Tia and I also fixed this site a little to clean it up.  Hope its easier to read and navigate.  Here are today’s names    1997 Birthday.  Gets a few visits a day and nice and short, just like I like them.  Actually, I am little scared of shorter people and Russians, I don’t know why.  Maybe because I come from a family of giants and nonRussians.   This is one of those names I hope to click on it and see no bidders.  Instead I click and see 125 plus. Damn.  Looks like I’m going to have to buck up and beat you all out.  No bidders so cheap for a good paying CPC business niche  If you’ve been to a boat show (I’ve been to one) you’ll see there is actually a market for boat models.  And I’m not talking about little boats, I’m talking cute girls.  The only question and it’s a question for all Godaddy auctions, will the owner renew.  It’s listed at $250 and I think it’s certainly worth that.  Sounds professional.  A 1998 birthday   Not going to be a lot of competition for this one.  Or wasn’t until it got put on this list. You might as well get while you’re at it.  Not sure you would do with this painful name.  It IS a word though. $115 at Sedo at presstime.  Good buy under $200  At $4700.  I think this is a $5000 name but it looks like the prices are moving up for 88 in the middle names. I’m not a big fan of zero at the beginning but it’s not what I like, it’s what the Chinese like that makes you money

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