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Monday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around Town 4-23-12

Damn! There are a ton of good names. I could have made the list twice as big. The aren’t as many bargains as there were a few months ago because people are hitting the lists so hard. Its a good time to be a seller right now and if you buy the right names, I think its also a good time to be a buyer. Unfortunately there is also a great chance you are going to overpay for junk. Here are today’s names.  I think people may be going after it for the typo but a great name on its own Pagerank 5 with tons of links. Under the going rate for a solid PR5  One of the stronger LLL.nets in quite a while.  You’d be lucky to own this one.  And I don’t say that very often with LLL.nets. Under $1500 this one is a good deal. Good numbers from a Chinese viewpoint. And you know I have an incredible Chinese viewpoint  Oops.  This one may be even better I am going to buy this if it goes under $1500. Be warned  How timely with the whole Titanic 100 year thing and all If you’re going to test you gonna need tools. Everyone knows that. You’re also going to need money. A bunch to buy this domain   This domain will certainly draw in the “make easy money at home” crowd  You’re probably thinking this is going to go for a lot because of the incredible chicken disease called Marek’s disease.  I was thinking the last name would drive the price. 1996 domain  If only people could spell psychologist  I think this is a great buy with no bidders  I like these names.  Two words that are easy to say and spell.  And cheap.  No bidders   Solid  Not the greatest I’ve seen but about all that Snap can muster lately

Special thanks to DropDay and for making this list possible. Don’t get lost in the crowd. If you have a name up for auction and would like to feature it here on the list. Drop me a line.

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  1. auction ended at $1,610, so I believe you don’t have new domain.
    I already gave up at $900 as I am more into established authority domains with backlinks rather just good names.

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