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Monday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 6-25-12

A lot of good names today.  Most of them fall into the short category.  The positive is short is liquid and liquid is good.  Looking for a good close to the month this week.  Its been another great month and already starting to prepare for a solid next month.  Mr. Tax man is going to love me this year. The official unsubscribe page of the Internet is coming  Celebrity photos are as good of a traffic driver is there is on the net  The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund would probably want this one   Just once again proving that 8s will turn any tld valuable  at $7900 at press time  I normally don’t go for NNN.orgs but this is a pretty good name  Solid acronym letters  This is a HUGE name with a very low amount of bids  Not nearly as many bidders over at Sounds like the popular game yu-gi-oh  Common saying and no bidders  Decent domainer name  An S would make this much nicer but still has value  Two number dot net is something you don’t come across very often  Already to $31,000  Huge reserve but may actually get there

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Domain Spotlight:

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