Sunday’s Big List of Names at Namejet 6-24-12

Jun 24 2012

Got home late tonight from the triathlon (3 hours 25 minutes for the Olympic distance for all you home players). Happy with 7:15 pace on the run, need a lot of work on the 31 minute mile swim. Only Namejet left on the board so that’s what we’ll put up tonight. Lots of 3 letter dot coms   These three are my favorite of the group  Probably no such thing Will do well because of the NY for New York  The dot com is a very successful site  My wife would watch this every day with all the hot pro volleyball players that are there every day.  I don’t think any of them are under 6’4″ with chiseled abs.  With voice control being the future this is a great name to own  the .video people are going to want this one    This is what chat roulette used to be called in 1962

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