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Monday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 8-13-12

There was no list yesterday for the first time in months but I was relaxing all day and by the time I got back only Namejet was still open for bidding and the names sucked. Today I head back to the real world yesterday I slept in, went to the beach, and left my phone shut off all day. It was fantastic and will certainly be doing it more in the future. I didn’t train much all week either so that part may come back to haunt me or save me as I am as rested as I’ve been in years. We’ll see. In the meantime, here are the names I like at Namejet tonight. Take a gander It’s cool because it has a “Z” instead of an S. Only works for me because it’s short.  I liked the 300 lb green screens so much better but the new flat screens are so much easier to ship.  I’ll make a guess and say this goes for $5K plus  Roller derby is making a comeback.  Kind of.  We have a league here in Champaign so I’ll call it a comeback. No bidders and 15 years old I was a big fan of Corinth. I’d talk more about it but I think Acro pretty much has the Greek domain thing covered  but older than most at 15 years old  LLN.coms have been in the $750 range this past year  Sounds like an App name. No bidders  Nice with C at the end which can be used for “Corporation”  Another nice one   And….one more  I thought for sure this one would sneak though.  This is the kind of name the .info makes complete sense At least people would remember this one. 9 years old Could go with this version instead  I know people aren’t boxing anymore (look at the US medals in the Olympics) but the ads and Google results tell you that this should be worth $69. NO bidders (and no I’m not buying it because I HATE boxing…..booooooriiiiiinnng) Everyone loves double Ds  My top name on the board.   Love it. I only wish I would clean my car more than once a year  If it has 155 bidders and you have no idea why just assume its an Asian name and you’ll probably be correct  Again


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  1. I think Shulin is popular Russian surname – Шулин. As well as a place in Albania.

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